The value of the potential Shanghai dragon perspective on domain name

visible mining well, the domain name value is enormous. However, the potential value of domain name not only limit celebrities, as well as brand, Shanghai dragon etc.. Today we will talk about it, for the domain name, has a potential value of Shanghai dragon what, and what aspects can affect Shanghai dragon.

The domain name suffix

: qualifications are more abundant, more valuable

can be found in the domain contains words spelling and natural advantages, ranking the first example. In this regard, the domain name contains keywords, it will obtain the ranking weight, and the results will be displayed in bold, increase the exposure rate. If you want to type a brand website.

domain name, whether it is a kind of intangible assets for individuals and businesses, and a good domain name, its creation is enormous. Due to the openness of domain name registration, as well as its unique structure, so as to give the value of the domain name can bring unlimited. Such as the recent speculation hot Alibaba founder Ma Yun domain, as shown below:

for many open registration, which in addition to the edu domain name can only be registered in educational institutions,.Gov domain name can only registered by government agencies, which are more search engine trust, the weight is also higher. While the other suffix but the difference is not much, need to pay attention to is, as long as do the regular optimization, other domain name can also row in front of the.Edu and.Gov, so do not need to care too much about the domain name suffix.

domain name information is more abundant, more favorable for ranking. Therefore, in the industry, trading domain is a more common phenomenon, if you have a lot of experience of the old domain name, website keywords you but there will be more obvious rise. As for the new domain name, the domain name is an old experienced old man, an old house called a treasure.

may you see the Internet in this industry certainly not to regard it as right, big words can be identified, and then get a small try: "Baidu" the results are as follows:

domain contains keywords more reflected in the English website. But for now, the phonetic domain resurgence, love Shanghai hot, so also the effective Chinese website, such as falling in love with the sea and search for "Yuming", the results are as follows:



By the above

to note here is the old domain not only refers to the establishment of time Oh, there is a factor in the lifetime of the chain, the more weight, and how to determine the domain name age, living outside the chain of history, can be directly queried by the webmaster tools.

three: the domain name contains keywords

In the past, perhaps


two: domain name suffix weight


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