On the psychological analysis and Countermeasures of different customer’s question

6, I find a friend — since there are people in the optimization optimization, why not? Nothing is impossible to get a good return on the

7, I find the local, local security, or worry about being cheated. You have to make them believe you.

5, how do you understand the optimization? — asked for optimization technology, do not understand ask how cooperation.

, I have 5 people in Optimization: how to see the effect, the effect is not good, you promised that you can do better.

1, what is the optimum? – met don’t understand optimization, you the optimization effect, love can take the example of Shanghai, Shanghai and the optimization of love website ranking but do the home page, click No charge.

had bidding or optimization experience customer

1, I do not do the bidding Optimization — do not directly deny the bidding, but to highlight the advantage of bidding and optimization. 2, optimization and for as long as I do one, there is no need to do optimization. And the above problem is similar. Highlight the advantages of Optimization: free click, 24 hours on it all day long. Bidding weakness: invalid click, if restrictions on consumption, short time display.

3, you can guarantee that can go up? – you need to be confident about what techniques do you use to make the ranking, the more professional and better. The best way to send a successful case.

3, you can guarantee the first page ranking first? As long as you can, how much money are willing to. – people who say such things, is doing the bidding of the 99%. You can position the user clicks on the analysis, not necessarily in the first home. If you do not do the bidding, you can ask a question: why don’t you do it for

I do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, but had a single experience. Customers always have all kinds of problems, the same. In this summary customers most love asked questions, and analyze the psychological causes and countermeasures, hope to help a friend single docking.

2, heard that love Shanghai – shielding optimization examples, those who do not do the promotion of the website is optimized by up to do, why not be shielded unless you use illegal means?. We use regular technology optimization will be how to shield

? ?

do not understand Shanghai Longfeng customer

8, how much do you charge? If you start asking price, direct quotation. If the money lest waste other optimization > reluctant

4, how long can do? – impatient person. Tell him how many days, give him a promise. And then you try to practice commitment.

4, I did optimization, of no use, but also to spend money. The Shanghai dragon has no confidence. Afraid to spend money. You directly on your success, no refund commitment effect.

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