How to reprint your soft does not delete your link to others

delete the original link, the original link into the corresponding web link name, Cheng Chunjie blog, then put their own links to release

content is king, the chain for the emperor, this is the webmaster know the truth. We must pay attention to the quality of the chain, only to release some of the garbage outside the chain, construction of the site for a long term, but harmful. Therefore, in the high quality of the home owners, A5 has released the stationmaster net is a very good choice, the quality of the chain of these sites is very high.

The release of the soft

to delete link these behavior, I do not comment on this, I mainly talk about how to avoid their links are removed when reproduced in.

Abstract: This article mainly and share their chain of soft Wen released to the owners of the house, like the A5 station network, how to make the article when reproduced in the link is reserved.

I in June 16th, completed the "nofollow" label in the independent blog promotion of the article, as Lu Songsong reminds, not to A5 webmaster posted online immediately, but wait until the love of Shanghai included after 17 days of this article will contribute to the A5 station network, in 18 through the audit. In the audit by the end of this article I input the topic of love in Shanghai, in the first row of this article on my blog. Until 18 PM, enter this article name again, A5 in the first row, this is what I expected, because of the weight of A5 is much larger than my station, but the snapshot is newer than mine, so it must be in the front row.

soft reprint link is deleted

will own the link on.

link is deleted to prevent method


love Shanghai in the first 6 pages, is this article reprint, I click in the view, I view the retention situation of links, the results surprising, more than half of the site are not keep my link. At this time, I analyzed, found the delete link are the following manner:

delete link, put on their connection after the release of

today I own 贵族宝贝chengchunjie贵族宝贝 site of the original article "should pay attention to the nofollow tag in the A5 Adsense nets contribute soft deleted link theft case in independent blog promotion, to talk about a few problems.

I 20, enter this article name again, to search out a lot of reprint this article website, see below


delete link 贵族宝贝 in the link to release

in which website

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