Love Shanghai Webmaster Tools

message reminder: the abnormal situation through this function can detect the site. When we set the contact site, if abnormal, love Shanghai webmaster tools will be the first time to send a message, we can modify the query according to this message.

What is love Shanghai

site management: can the website authentication through downloading files, add code, dns. Through the authentication let love Shanghai to better capture of the website, and through the application of other tools to achieve certification.

URL: submit this tool with search engine submission entrance before the same function, simple to understand: the website URL submitted to love Shanghai, love Shanghai after receiving the message, crawl included.

love Shanghai

love the sea index: This tool is to reflect the website how many orders of magnitude to be selected, but the content is not directly capture, but the content of the candidate. Love Shanghai also provides update time for us: in a day to a week before, according to the actual situation of site index.

structured data: This tool is the entrance of love Shanghai rapid introduction of structured data. For the quality of the data resources, can be used for indexing, sorting, the show and other sectors, and to improve the index of structured abstract style show to the user. This tool should be used to take the initiative to invite Shanghai love in the form of opening. Due to the station for receiving the invitation, so temporarily unknown real effect. Love in Shanghai should be invited, the online stage, when the real use, will gradually relax the scope of application.

Sitemap submitted: we will submit the site map Sitemap to make good love Shanghai, love this, Shanghai can be the first time for grasping, is conducive to the website.

webmaster tools? We love Shanghai Webmaster Tools page description tag can roughly understand: love Shanghai Webmaster Platform Chinese is the world’s largest platform official website administrator. Shanghai Longfeng optimization recommendations, webmaster tools and authority data released, work together to build a green station algorithm search ecosystem.

website: This tool is for website launched. This can reduce the website because revision and reduce the occurrence of the chain included, etc.. For the revision of the website, this function is not an artifact.

chain submission tool: This tool is the website chain, not to say, is similar to the 404 page links list file can be similar to Sitemap, the love of Shanghai also provides a help document, you can refer to this document to make.

structured data plug-in: love Shanghai now only for WordPress and Discuz! Exit two plug-in, the two applications that use friend benefits, this plugin can enhance the application and the user clicks on the rate can also automatically push Sitemap and speed up the collection.

Webmaster Tools what function?

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