Keywords mining method Daquan one is for you

3, business, business etc. the online consultation tool in general; enterprise website with this love, can make full use of.

7, a variety of free keyword mining tools, such as webmaster tools, Jinhua after word tools etc..

2, search keywords data. Try to set up a website search box, users search.

see the title, many webmaster, Shanghai dragon Er will think: mining is very simple, with the tools of mining can not it? Also need to learn? Yes, these people think nothing wrong. However, the question is, just contact Shanghai Longfeng optimization webmaster, Internet entrepreneurs, Shanghai dragon Er, some of them do not have to dig the word, do not know how to dig more keywords, website content leads to indirect output drop, the editors also exist a variety of work the problems in the.

1, several search engines search, drop-down box, such as love, 360, Google Shanghai.

6, thesaurus network, divided the long tail thesaurus, thesaurus, website (bidding can analyze the competitor’s website) three thesaurus thesaurus

9, brainstorming, all the people in the office are brainstorming in the meeting room, empathy, if you are a user how you will search the products of the company, everyone say a few, and then recorded; can also ask the family and relatives friends and neighbors.

2, the search engine ranking, such as billboard

love Shanghai mining Keywords

1, Log log data. The server log on the download station to do the analysis, with love log tools or tools can log light-years.

8, web mining tools, such as Chinaz, love station webmaster tools tools, webmaster tools query.


through competitors’sites Mining:

5, statistical tools, such as love Shanghai statistics, cnzz data center, analysis of user search keywords from the search engine.

so, this article is very suitable for those who have not mastered the word digging method, then A5 Huang Zhong shared some common and uncommon but relatively easy to use keyword mining method. Also I hope that readers can learn more mining method. We then read it:

open channels:

through the station:

4, Shanghai Sinan love love Shanghai official tool tool.


mining toolsKeywords

1, competitor analysis site on the tag page; many sites have tag tags, can fully.

3, biddingkeywords access tools, search engines are generally provided, such as love Shanghai promotion client

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