No search box era who will be king


said that if the mobile Internet and search box is really coming, then who will be the king of the search field? In fact, in the current situation, we are not on the same starting line. In the traditional PC companies have a lot of help to the mobile Internet, the most obvious is the brand of the strongest love Shanghai, believe that in this respect will take no small advantage. It is customary in PC with love Shanghai, into the mobile phone or the like will choose love Shanghai. This is love in Shanghai, the advantages of mobile Internet, but when it comes to mobile Internet will have to talk about one thing, that is in the traditional PC is to link, but in the mobile Internet application form. The application of love Shanghai almost did not get out of the product, although also the input method, the browser and anti-virus also came in, IM also do these things, but it is basically in the market can be ignored.

and several other companies are doing well, 360 mobile phone assistant and mobile phone security guards are billions of users, to share in the market. Sogou, last year also released a lot of good application, which has a search engine and is deeply tied to that, Sogou voice assistant, Sogou voice assistant is China search engine company first made voice assistant, love Shanghai in this area was a little slow pace, was launched at the end of it. When just one out of the.

launched Sogou input method version of the wisdom of the 2 version, there is a new function called connection function, this function is that when users enter keywords in the search engine page, column candidate word Sogou input method according to different keywords, provide Mini corresponding search results to users. For example, search the recent hit The Legendary Swordsman, users just hit TV drama, watch the link Sogou input method gives the corresponding TV series. The so-called smart version, the user is actually in the input box to input, the input method based on the context, in the input box next to the area to provide Mini search results. At present, providing television, software downloads, music, weather information, service life of nine kinds of related keyword search service.

launched Sogou input method version of the wisdom of the 2 version, about search engine competition topic is more up, in fact, from the launch of Sogou input method to move this version of the wisdom I think, no frame era search engine will come. Just because these tools launch time is not long, the user’s habits have not changed, I believe this time will not be long. Remember when Ford made cars, a lot of people laughing at his car run as the carriage quickly, but the timing is just a mature development target frame search era lack of a tipping point, personally very optimistic about the launch of Sogou input method version 2 version of the wisdom of lead frame search generation is coming, but I believe there is still a long way to go, until you can really understand the meaning of the user, do a combination of the real situation, this powerful and fast accurate recommendation will let users choose you.

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