Shanghai dragon fight is the high quality of the original article

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is the topic of Shanghai dragon after all is said and done. Then how can the Shanghai dragon to do a good job, Shao Lianhu believe that many of my friends. We want to know in order to put the Shanghai Dragon Well, practice hard, but some Shanghai dragon I feel I have done well enough, why the website is not included effects. Not much, keywords ranking low. If we change the position to think about it, you will understand what is the real Shanghai dragon.

blog this website. I stand in the webmaster position thinking Shanghai Longfeng words is by all means is included, so let keyword ranking rise. Every day the hair of the chain, do not stop nagging some pseudo original. Nothing irritable heart. If I stand in the user’s position see this website article and the other is the website of the same. And see the negative mood like the article. When his good mood, see to leave this site will be very impatient. If I were a user, I hope to see some of the original Shao Lianhu blog in the value of the article or something. Tutorial classes can help you solve some problems or learn some knowledge of the article. Not to idle wandering.


last year this time, Shao Lianhu was able to study with a teacher. In fact, Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon Shao Lianhu in 2010 already know. Just at that time I only know that money, what money for what I do, but I don’t catch a cold. Shanghai dragon in recent years has been to undertake the website construction business now. Want to make money. So the development of the website, Shanghai dragon is I have to study. Because a site of the Shanghai dragon even do not understand really make people joke. Last year I even the title of the site do not know what is with the writing. Every day is to write an article, do the chain one day. Do dozens, nearly 100 chain. The write or pseudo original. Then change the title on the front page of the site can not find it. By all means no remedy. A problem to Shanghai looking for people to help. A little dragon A little learning, practice a little bit, and finally all of their own research, there are problems on the love of Shanghai to find a few ask others. Because of love of Shanghai green > push algorithm

Shanghai dragon road to learn carry over to Buddha

Shanghai Longfeng change thinkingFor example, Shao Lianhu

Shanghai dragon fight is what exactly

Shanghai dragon end spell that? You have asked yourself such a sentence. Some people say, Shanghai dragon fight is included and the chain. There are three tabs say website to set good keyword density is high, to do the anchor text chain. But these are done all of the site’s ranking is not what I want results. The results are very disappointing, our website home page is not found, is the keyword ranking dropped. Ten hours every day we used to do outside the chain, but with little time for the original Shao Lian tiger would like to ask you. We pay so much to get what

What is the

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