The account quality score to promote the Shanghai talk about love


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this is a medium of my accounts in the same project (personal account, love much promotion) its quality score is 57 points, click on the details, you can see some of the specific content of account quality score:

love Shanghai promotion account quality score the exact time, I am not very clear. Maybe a lot of friends also did not pay attention to this thing, the first is "account quality score appears only in the framework of the account (I do not have this thing in the channel to open accounts. ), secondly it is true, there is no practical significance of account management.

comment: to get high score in this link, the number of keywords and matching model is the key, because such words and everyone will always pay attention to the budget, but few people in order to increase the number of keywords and to increase the delivery of key words, but also very few people with large scale, wide. If a brother’s account in this part of the score is very high, can stick it out and admire.

comment: this link score is relatively easy, as long as the use of appropriate tools and high bid, while ensuring certain hits. Keywords quality of the data, for the promotion of staff, or have some help.


3, browse links, my score is 50. Including the arrival rate and the speed of opening URL two index. The arrival rate refers to the creative URL are not open; open speed > URL

account quality score in the left extension of page, the account balance below, as shown in figure

account on the quality score that is your account quality comprehensive performance in the same customer in case (according to state compared with yesterday in a moment), and an effective amount, and matching mode and quality index related. Here we take a look at these specific indicators of it.

2, click on the link, my score was 69, qualified. Including bid and quality of two indexes. The higher the average bid, bid score is higher; the more the number of words account for Samsung, the quality score is higher. Keywords quality degrees, need certain hits.

1, show link, my score is 34. Including the number of keywords, such words, pattern matching, budget. This is my account medium account, keyword number, it gives the score is 25 points. But I went to several other accounts, even tens of thousands of words of my account, the score is still low. I don’t know exactly how much words, it considers only qualified; not effective, the more reliable, not much to say; matching model, I use phrase matching, but the score is not high, I guess if you account widely matches, the score should be above 90; the budget. My account is not budget constraints, so the score was higher.

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