Self summary five chapter optimization keywords must see

I do outside the chain, more emphasis on technical rather than manual sex, for example, can do some blog template or write some small plug-in to attract owners to use, or the use of soft, two soft communication ability is very strong, very beneficial to increase links. Finally you can use blog, use our blog group will be very good, and very high flexibility, but the culture blog takes time long, does not have a great effect act with undue haste.

content, is a high quality content contributes to the spread and reproduced, contribute to the chain and flow; two is the users love the site sticky, increased; two aspects can influence user behavior, and ultimately affect the keywords ranking up. As for the content itself, the best is original, if you see the good, can also be reproduced, even directly translated from abroad, because we all love classic things. If you have a long and high quality content, so a positive impact on the entire site that will be huge.

optimization is not only rely on accumulation of external links, reasonable use of the chain is essential. We look at the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love will know, use the inside within the chain can be said very comprehensive, for our personal website, and not all the words you want to link to, but for a purpose for selective link, such as the optimization of wheat Lisa blog, then only to have the words to do page links and continue to do so, until the very front rank so far; in addition, the paper by as much as possible before the words, this is very important.

in the chain: selection, front and last

promotion: quiz, forums and activities

chain: bait, soft and

content: original, reproduced and translation

There are two important reasons for

website optimization keywords after all is ranking to improve, so for many novice webmaster, get a website, how to start, how should the keywords from no ranking optimization to the desired position? Or for that matter, everybody is benevolent see benevolence, because of the different industry, each one airs his own views, different owners of their resources, methods will vary, but today I summarize several methods for most of the individual owners, respectively, the chain article, article content within the chain, promotion, layout, and all of these keywords ranking directly or indirectly, I hope you look after more exchanges.

can affect the keywords ranking is because the promotion can bring traffic to the site, and the site click rate and flow can directly affect the keywords ranking. In fact, our ultimate goal is to promote, promote and optimize this is one, but here alone to promote effect on keyword ranking out shows. Ask and answer questions to promote the conversion rate is very high, can bring certain directional flow, and the scope of the forum to promote slightly wide, after all, as long as the user is likely to see the post to our website.

The blog Keywords

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