That chain of garbage NO love Shanghai refused to let the site outside the chain of tools get two be

two, let the website to see the Internet after the green sun

March 19th, rejected outside the chain of tools like Shanghai Webmaster Platform finally officially open to the webmaster, believe one thing this is many webmaster riweisuosai night thinking, at the same time after such a long beta version, Shanghai refused to believe that love will give me outside the chain of tools bring new features new. It is very easy to reject the operation of the chain, webmasters only need to log Webmaster Platform complete website verification can use the tool, but the author is not only a simple function, let the most happy is love Shanghai rejected outside the chain of tools can bring two benefits to the webmaster of the site, but also to complete junk the chain said NO

to outside the chain of tools, is to lower quality, such as false junk chain. If the webmaster found some junk links on your own website, can be the first time in the chain of the tool to refuse, so that you can directly eliminate the negative impact brought to the site outside the chain of garbage. Here I tell you that you love Shanghai refused to use the chain tool.

second, submitted to the site and verify the ownership of

third step into the Webmaster Tools page, select the left to chain tools, and then enter the address you want to chain.

, a site of low quality, refused to false junk the chain


refused to appear after the chain, Shanghai love said, will encourage the site to bring more high-quality content, by improving the user experience and high quality natural links to optimize the website, so refused to launch outside the chain of tools will be more clear for the love Shanghai link optimization too much, and to remind the webmaster website optimization. With all the talk about the denial of the chain can be two benefits brought to the webmaster.


The main function of One of the main functions of

, the webmaster can open the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform registered and logged in Webmaster Platform.

The love of Shanghai refused to

outside the chain of tools can be said to add a pair of wings for the webmaster, let the webmaster of the foreign chain management has also been released, most of the time I worked with some new Adsense chat when they found a problem, the site is down right outside the chain, every day to do there is no good rankings, not only but also has been in the fall, the website for the purchase of some problems in the connection is scindapsus. Why do not the chain every day? The garbage outside the chain to do more, why the site is down right? There’s a reason, too much garbage outside the chain of the site. Why my site is Scindapsus? Know the website to buy links. But love can make these tools in Shanghai disappeared, although there are certain differences in time.

to the two outside the chain of tools, you can make some purchases of website links are Scindapsus again see the Internet sunshine. But love Shanghai or a reminder, if you have to buy links, group >

The first step of

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