Shanghai dragon master to teach you how to do the optimization ranking Shanghai Dragon



this course is mainly about how to use the Xampp server in the local environment. Website using ASP and PHP is more common, of course, for now, to build a web site using PHP webmaster. The need to create a PHP environment in the local environment, combined the equivalent of Windows+Apache+MySQL+PHP. Apache is a Web server software, MySQL is our database, PHP is our development language, requires a PHP running environment. As for the specific overall environment how to get to Shanghai, direct love.

third: set the long tail keywords to the site

server in the local environment

website target keywords into the website main keywords, keywords in the article page and column page keywords. Generally speaking, the main keywords can set keywords higher index of greater competition keywords, followed by the column page keywords and articles within the pages of keywords to reduce weight. The search engine algorithm, keywords is not essential position, description becomes more important. Choose and set up the website keywords, website is the target keywords keywords website core, optimized by keywords on the site, a directional flow, about how to choose the target keywords, to do a detailed answer in the tutorial, here is not a repeat.

keyword tool

explain the details of this lesson are talked about relative to the absolute address address, 301 redirection, making 404 page set robots File >

second: to set the target keywords

The first section: how to build a explain the details of the operation


about Shanghai dragon, there are a lot of tutorials on the web. There are several tutorials about the more wonderful, such as love station network and Cardiff Shanghai dragon. Their website love station network and Shanghai dragon why will also be tested before, is full of dry cargo. In this article I will give you a rough outline and will share a full set of video tutorials to Cardiff Shanghai dragon to everyone, I hope that Shanghai can learn some experience of dragon lovers.

advantage of long tail keywords can be extended, targeted, a wide range of weakness is the search index is small, belongs to a more accurate flow. Set the long tail keywords website long tail keywords for the website weight lifting has played a significant role to the site, long tail keywords can bring a lot of traffic to the site. For example, " Shanghai dragon training which is a good " keywords, " Beijing scenic spot which is more fun and so on is the long tail keywords ". For the long tail keywords we can use keyword tools to mining, such as love station network keyword tools, such as the panda

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