What are the Shanghai dragon ER way


, a Shanghai based Phoenix professional service work, the most bitter counter –

three, Shanghai Longfeng Advisory Services – >

this is the most hard work, if want to find a more bitter than the work, that is the chain commissioner. No matter how bitter, how tired, at this stage, at least to stay for 3 years. Without these accumulation, to the next stage, halfway dumped very pain, some people may continue to climb up, some people may not come again. Why do we need three years? The first year to master the basic knowledge, and began operations to combat. Second years needs a large number of orders, learn to communicate with customers, improve sales ability, this is a senior adviser to prepare for the Shanghai Phoenix, after a large number of actual combat, in addition to do, will make you have more examples and experience. In Shanghai dragon industry, is the most valuable experience. For third years, is the most crucial year, the need for their actual combat experience were summarized, with a large frame, the best form of his own theoretical system. These are fix, please enter the following link.

The Shanghai dragon

training process, the need to exercise is eloquence and emergency ability, of course, at this time, our own theoretical framework will constantly improve. This is for the transition to Shanghai Longfeng senior adviser to prepare.

two, Shanghai dragon training service work, most likely to be called

these days there is a part of the group of friends and private chat, asked me: "Wang Shifan, I’m so bitter life to what Shanghai dragon will it end?" in the face of such problems, Wang Shifan can only say "boil boil, standby transition!" every person working in Shanghai dragon encounter such impetuous occupation, how to face and solve? Wang Shifan believes that the only way to solve the people themselves. Sometimes a good opportunity, seize the opportunity, will develop very quickly; worse, need only Zhang wing off day accumulation. Following Wang Shifan introduced to the Shanghai dragon direction to everyone, you can according to their own situation, prepared for the transformation of


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hope you follow the order to do: Shanghai dragon professional services – Shanghai – Shanghai dragon dragon training senior adviser Shanghai Longfeng perfect combination products.

Shanghai dragon training has two kinds: the low-end and high-end points. In comparison, high-end training, will be a little less right and wrong. Compared with the threshold where students will lose some poor quality, poor ability of shielding virtually. While the low-end training is mainly for quasi entrepreneurs, this kind of skill learning, a different level is a major feature, so in the training process, impossible 100% praise rate, we need to do their best to do every lesson preparation, let students see their own efforts, only in this way, even if they did not well, will feel very seriously and are responsible for training teachers, the main reason is not to learn.

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