The webmaster should how to calmly face the love of Shanghai update

month 1w+ Niubi webmaster aware of this truth, only really useful to users what will attract customers repeatedly to stop, only such a benign development on the site can be a long time, apply the slogan Michael Chang ten years ago: "a pass ten, ten pass (80 100" should be heard Kazakhstan). This is a very natural word-of-mouth marketing, is also the site in Shanghai youth’s Secret love. Because even love Shanghai, and also in every hour and moment we consider the same question: "user experience". In fact, each love renovation in Shanghai although the intention we know very well, but he is also in the user experience to do. Just before a friend said, after the Shanghai dragon, love by sea search out information are not easily believe that, when the Shanghai dragon in this industry is widely known, with Shanghai love home website when advertising to see if we are not to squeeze broken head to ensure Shanghai dragon ranking in the 2~5 page. Really? Then one day, just like the Shanghai Phoenix hope "

believes the 520 love Shanghai shock in many Shanghai dragon psychology but also a lingering fear, but an update again love is coming to Shanghai, I do not know is happy or sad. But I believe that a qualified Shanghai dragon regardless of the face of love Shanghai how to update, will be a smile. Because the essence of Shanghai dragon and love Shanghai update direction should be the same, that is "user experience". Who will have a fit, if a website and search engine are based on the same principle of development, so that a search engine will not abandon you, but will you love. As the saying goes, "content is king, the chain for emperor" do these two points I feel faint enough for the spider and the customer, we should give them paved the way in the internal web site, here is my three point to some opinions:

two, seize the user’s heart will seize the love of Shanghai

I believe that many

, a high quality of the external links

in the face of love sea overbearing update, I think the first thing we should do is to improve the quality of the chain, predecessors using chain weight high with a mere 5 articles won the PR2’s outstanding record, although I am skeptical (after all, there is no time to update the PR value), but also do that. The weight of the chain to the site have not much worse than the excellent content. As long as the high weight website love Shanghai think, believe in love in Shanghai when the update will be spared. But it is not too easy, is a high weight on the front page of the site for the new station he Youlian is not easily shot. The station and the old station with a new station, and confined to the network company or team, for individual webmaster difficulties, of course does not rule out some awesome personal webmaster one a piece of station group case. So many webmaster forums, such as: A5, a push, push 28 forum signature like the chain is also a good choice. Although the quality is better than the above two methods, but if the individual owners can fully display their talents, I believe that through this point below can make good results.

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