Why a lot of Shanghai dragon Er still can not make a breakthrough in Shanghai Longfeng optimization

I found that the website optimization process in many Shanghai Longfeng Er on the road of struggle, look a lot of people have been working for several years, but the optimization of the site is not satisfactory, or even as a fledgling, very good couple, so we have to ask this time, this the results of what is the cause? Experience? Is an attitude? Or itself does exist some problems, the author from the time of five years, can not be said to be the master, I think a lot of details in the optimization process may be the cause of our Shanghai dragon Er stagnant, the author today with his understanding of Shanghai Dragon and you know this for me.

first, Shanghai Longfeng optimization and no fixed optimization routine final performance depends on the value of Shanghai dragon Er giving it. This is very simple, why is the same a site, the same industry can do others home, but we have to rank the heart gaunt, when you open your site on a user’s point of view, standing on the point of a competitor, you can find your website and others relatively high weight where do the site is different, there is a gap between those places? This is very important, different people have different understanding of optimization in different ways, but our purpose is the same, since we are not able to own the idea of reaching their requirement, so, why do we not changing the way for their own ideas and site the details of the adjustment of

I always think technology and daily operation is only optimal operation on things, when you approach the addiction to Shanghai dragon and the implementation level, this time often ignore the most important details of the optimization is good, Shanghai dragon road. Shanghai dragon road refers to Shanghai dragon Er really understand for the correct operation of the Shanghai dragon. I think mainly in the following aspects:

I think a lot of times we cannot break through their own, not their attitude, their ability is not a problem, a lot of time in thinking analysis, is for you to understand Shanghai dragon. I found a lot of Shanghai dragon Er comes on appeal to Shanghai dragon how powerful construction technology, which is called the technology flow. When it comes to Shanghai and part of Shanghai dragon dragon optimization Er Shanghai dragon is continuously increase for the web site outside the chain of the construction of a large number of the so-called external flow, if you really are in more than two kinds of optimization ideas in the understanding, I think it is in the direction you have some serious problems.

second, Shanghai Longfeng targets and their inner expectations have a great relationship. The world, all is a benefit. World Rangrang, are all benefits to. What kind of reason, we will bear what kind of fruit, so we in the optimization at the beginning, what is your site for expectations? What is our goal? There is no clear plan, this is very important, if not strong inner expectations, then you optimization ideas and execution is likely to be with.


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