The one thousand and one night voyage driving Shanghai Dragon 1 December 4 2012

love Shanghai search to promote creative writing

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see the above title, one might feel very strange, we’re not talking about how to do Shanghai dragon, pulling SEM up? In fact, Shanghai dragon and SEM has been complementary, especially for the love of Shanghai. Love Shanghai in the toolbox "keyword tool" and "estimation tool", "search terms report", and the love of Shanghai should be present for the statistics, statistics Shanghai Shanghai dragon love the most important analysis tools. To obtain and use these tools, you must first love in Shanghai to open an account, then you need to recharge, online advertising, data acquisition.

diary You can read the book

today, I start with examples to introduce writing about love Shanghai creative search promotion. The so-called creative advertising is actually.

so we say Shanghai dragon and SEM are not separated, the two complement each other, complement each other.

starting today, I (ID:yuanhangjx, nickname: voyage driving Shanghai dragon) officially began writing "the one thousand and one night voyage driving Shanghai dragon" series of public articles, as their work history records, and help them in the same occupation of detours. This series of articles I posted on the official website of the voyage driving column can be reproduced, and can be used for any commercial or non commercial purposes, the only requirement is to retain the author and source.

to watercress reading, and purchase. Believe me, they will not let you down!

language only title is "Shanghai dragon", our theme for this series of articles is the natural Shanghai dragon. First of all I would like to recommend two books to you, is the first domestic Shanghai Longfeng Zan (zan3) Zac Hui’s two book "Shanghai" and "Shanghai dragon combat password Dragon Art". The two book the original, which is rare for translation, comprehensive, professional, targeted Shanghai dragon tutorial.

creative Description 2: voyage driving is a famous Haidian District school, adjacent to the Jinghai vehicle, car driver training, flow regulation >

creative Title: price quality is not discounted to sail 010-62684727

let’s get to the point, began to write the work diary today. That is to say "the one thousand and one night voyage driving Shanghai dragon" is actually a series of articles diary, although the door and the door there is no relationship, but the content is as spectacular.

creative 1

creative description 1: voyage driving crash course in the discount rate as high as 1000 yuan, two months of the new Elysee. BYD quickly takes the coach car, feel first-class.

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