The white hat Shanghai dragon ultimate esoteric forget Shanghai Dragon

written in the end, Shanghai dragon’s purpose is in order to occupy the search front, whether using white hat techniques and tactics of the black hat, I want to be able to achieve that goal, but one thing is that website with the ranking is not started, more will not end, for long stay in the desired position, they need to build a website for the most simple and effective way is to go along with the potential users, search engines have the value to help users find what they want to do, this point. If you want to use formal methods to do the white hat, Shanghai dragon, so best to achieve the ultimate, good website will have a good row.

if you want to make a website at design time please forget search engine problems, you need to be concerned about is your website itself: the website code is normal, it is normal to visit website, usability, website content, and to ensure that the website content can attract eyeballs. These will allow the search engine to give you a better ranking. Some of the Shanghai dragon likened the location of the shops, I think this analogy is very appropriate, even if you shop in the downtown area, but not the customer needs the goods, the clerk with a rude attitude to hate, so no one will patronize the shop. Step back and say, even if someone did not know, into the store, then they will be out.

Shanghai dragon

Shanghai dragon is aimed to search for relevant keywords in the user can be as much as possible in the front row, and the search engine is designed to give the user when the user can quickly find related to the best website in the search related keywords. Please pay attention to is the best site instead of the "excellent" website. Shanghai dragon skills are divided into two kinds of black hat and white hat, the former is through some cheating, such as the use of multiple sites to deceive system, use the search engine algorithm vulnerabilities profit, black hat Shanghai Longfeng nature bad, but to be honest, now widely used for the white hat Shanghai dragon you or where not to go, because the most for the ranking effect too much, often put the cap into a gray hat.

In fact,

general services company has only one goal — to enter the mainstream website search engine keyword search results front position. They will not consider the issue of the content of the website, as long as the search engine can be included in web pages, they even available on the site do not have concerns. As for the website jump out rate, residence time more visitors in their consideration. If your website content with the user to search content actually has nothing to do, even if the ranking is high, the user will not nostalgia left in the sweep on several times, this site has good rankings will fall down.

white hat Shanghai Longfeng is to help us build a most "good" website, it should be the starting point to web designers like the starting point. Through some strategies that links Shanghai Longfeng simple and rich sense of structure, site navigation is clear, the content related to the theme and content easy to read, very readable discussion, with access to the user viscosity.

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