The use of information industry classification optimization industry Station Station

, second industry classification information station

well, today said here, but the station is on the disadvantages of classified information fast too fast, the only remedy is to often do, let the weight off.

1, if not sensitive words, classification of information station can directly use the keywords.

recently from the website optimization is tamper with the customer before the station, do what? In my previous post "about the network life of bored" mentioned. The focus is to optimize customer station. After all is ready for long-term customers, must be taken seriously. To write this blog about industry in optimization of grade two high weight classification information industry accounted for the home station, it is not allowed. Why don’t we use the

2, submitted content, to customer contact with website QQ, telephone and other information submitted effective conversion rate.

keywordsFirst of all we do

how to choose? This depends on your own brains to think, the most stupid way is to sort out the network classified information industry all stations. Analysis of the weights of the site and some of these circumstances, after the test to get inside the high weight site. But this method is time-consuming, sometimes a thankless task. I think the way is to analyze the rival standing, key words and love view in search of Shanghai, you can see the classification of the information industry the first few pages inside the station, which is on the home page is certainly high weight, this is just what we need. And then tidy up.


4, the appropriate layout, the best way is to check competitor, then copy, modify, add, pseudo original, submitted. The effect is very good.

, the first order

industry station, accurate keyword selection is a Shanghai based dragon, no search keywords, but no index key is lost. But we do Shanghai Longfeng most customers provide keywords index there is no index, no matter what, these keywords are required by the. For some long tail keywords for you have participated in the company’s Shanghai Longfeng work, for your company’s website optimization, and to the website customer service staff exchanges, understand that they and the customer directly chat. Sorting out the long tail keywords from chat in their. Long tail keywords flow is not disdain.

3, may be appropriate to the web link, can get good reverse link weight.

is that half a month did not update, heart is very ashamed. Emlog is not the existence of loopholes, always brush comments, every time tens of thousands of sad ah brush, so I opened the WordPress, but it can not be the reason I do not update the blog. The reason is not sufficient and not established.

third, the classification of the information industry station


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