Detailed through the promotion of website value for the web site weight and ranking

in addition to the title, the website program types also play a role, if someone else’s forum, you can use the system as a type of blog or website system. Because this is also a kind of experience, the forum can meet user communication, and can be seen with the personal blog fresh original, and the contents of the system is through the data sorting specification. So different systems have different values, but also satisfy different user experience. If a lot of similar sites using the Forum building, but you use blog, then your website may be search engine special promotion.

value influence website program types of websites, the content of the web site has deeply influenced the value of the site. If the same site title, the same type of site, if your site content is original articles, knowledge or authoritative articles. Your website is sure to rise above the common herd, some people prefer to make love for the original chain, but the content of the website itself goes, I think we should have the order reversed. He wrote the article, can not send you the entire Internet, this article is the one and only, it is the most valuable. If an article is very good, after 1000, will become monotonous, but lost their value. Long original go on your site, because of the accumulation of their own value, value will rise. Obviously, the weight will improve, including ranking.

maybe someone makes a mistake, they tried to send the chain, to achieve the "selfless" state, whether it is a person, or a variety of things, because the value of their own existence, please understand the value of the website. This site weight and ranking the decisive significance.

general, website value is reflected in the website of the "partial", highlights the value of their own. To avoid the homogenization of the site, because the world of all things different, have different values of the respective.

In addition to

website construction meaning, specific first can be reflected in the title, for example, someone’s website is "network promotion training", then you can use the "network promotion blog" and "original network promotion exchange" and so on, so for users, these are the focus of their hand, have different value that is a different experience for search engines, because to give users a different experience, will give priority to "receive" the different.

in addition, in the whole network, the website administrative nature of the nature of authority, have a natural weight, one of the most fundamental reason is that we are unable to escape from its natural universal service in reality, so they have a natural value. Rank and weight also has a natural advantage. Our website, need to step by step, and gradually explore, explore the potential to get admitted to the user and the search engine, the more people recognized, more valuable. Value >

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