Not desperate plight of optimization link building should have a new idea

two, broaden their horizons and leveraging the link building for

although search engines continue to emphasize, website quality depends on the content of the site itself, and the judgment of website quality is a comprehensive consideration, the link is only a small element. But the website operators do not seem to buy it, the number of links has soared people can not help but some crazy. The fact is evidence which links a surprising number of sites, finally have obtained good website ranking. This strengthens the website construction and website optimization personnel crazy construction link determination, the author has observed an Internet company in Shanghai, the number of links within a month soared from more than 2000 to more than 30000. And whether these links come from, but the phenomenon we can feel the same link is very important.


, change the concept of link building quality

good wind leveraging nine, drum mallet Saint farther! Do anything and leveraging the results the contrarian is obviously different. When all link building there appears to be no way out, when the site construction and web site operators have confused, the owners of such websites as in the past the door open. The author is A5 webmaster keen fans, and contribute hundreds of articles, found to contribute not only to expand the thinking, not.

disappeared suddenly in July and August last year, part of the website construction and website operators found that only one thousand or two thousand of many even hundreds of links on a website ranking is slowly rising, whether this is what a declaration of a search engine? To be sure, the search engine has been or is being changed to determine the way the weights of the website. It is also the time when links seem to look into the dilemma, the blog forum and some information portals have links to make different degrees of restrictions. This time, if we still are from the thinking, dreams of building links in order to win it, I’m afraid not. In addition the number of links, the quality of search engine has been the subject of attention, so, why don’t we build some high quality link weights of

almost all have a common feeling, website optimization has become more and more difficult. There are changes in the competitive environment, after all pay promotion guidance in the search engine, many small and medium-sized companies are paying more attention to the website promotion. Less expensive and more effective website optimization lasting, behoove is warmly welcome by. On the other hand, the search engine algorithm is also changing constantly improve themselves, so that the natural ranking more can reflect the value of the site, more fair. But we have to pay attention to is that a site link now seems to have entered into trouble. The first is the blog started plugging, then Donews also said it would punish writing community publicity and advertising for the purpose to optimize the soft, even to the webmaster keen A5 essay also slowly to link keywords injunction. Do site optimization really come to a dead end? The author thinks that the difficulties are not terrible idea of transformation is the key.

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