Farewell to the search engine website traffic still do loud

fate to search engine, search engine is dependent on the weather, give you much sunshine, you can produce less food. But for the industry group of promotion, but it is out of such a comfortable. You have done them in the most active industry groups, what position, then your promotion is the most effective. Directory as A5 webmaster network’s "Tuiyou network" (贵族宝贝ttuu贵族宝贝), in soliciting activities is not a brand for their own industry promotion? On such examples, in the promotion of the Internet staged every day. In addition to some industries in the advertising industry, QQ group promotion, soft Wen and so on, but do the promotion in the industry, in the course of time, direct access.

website construction to the whole, and the search engine the indissoluble bound, no way, who let the search engine users master the habit? Look things up, search engine seems to have become all users since the Convention, so webmaster website to get traffic, can only rely on the search engine of the carrier. However, mercurial search engine who is also unpredictable, today you rank the sky is clear, but tomorrow may have a thunderstorm is reduced flow. Don’t rank the station is an abandoned station? Even if there is no ranking and how, the life of the website in the hands of users, across the search engine, direct access to

two: for the industry group to promote

on how to get traffic across the search engine, we first need to understand the user channel from the Internet to browse information. The first search engine, search engine to occupy the vast majority of user traffic, so everything is for me". Second: direct input address, the composition of body: visit customers and attracted users, users pay for a website through memory or bookmark back again, attracted users when it is learned that the website address, interested in the type of access. Third other external links, such as soft links in forum posts links and so on, the user opens the active or passive link. This three points up a website all traffic sources, but basically the webmaster usually optimization is often the first point based, supplemented by other, which also led to the excessive dependence on search engine. The analysis below is a new binary "easou Links platform" source:

The development of traffic and not?

: a

is a main part of the website traffic must be "search engine"? On this point, the legend is the best explanation! Although it is a new station, but from the beginning of the main flow of binary will lead the industry to consolidate their own website traffic, but not all hope to search engine to decide. At the same time, the more you other traffic, is more conducive to optimization, the site quality is high, the user can directly input.


analysis of the flow of the background

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