Crazy love Shanghai related search

to know what the real crazy love Shanghai search, looks really scary, but I said ah, I’m definitely not software brush out, but sometimes in Shanghai Longfeng optimization ranking disturbance test with some figures behind the search keywords such as.



Hu Yang today is not to say, speak with the map simple. Do not know if anyone remember this article "Shanghai dragon optimization ranking disturbance test" 贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝/article/20120603/435443.shtml, I in the end of this article mentioned such a word: rankings rapidly when the user clicks on the ranking principle, can consider appropriate random combinations of words and letters or numbers. Today Wuhan Shanghai dragon 贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon huyang贵族宝贝/ Hu Yang to give you an example here:

now we completely know what is love Shanghai search crazy now, don’t believe those hook ranking methods, if you really want to brush, like I do, their leisure time search keywords + number, easy to start to love Shanghai related search brush out. In fact, when we use the software brush search, we act as the head of the role more often, people are using their own IP, of course, this is also a bit too.


Look at the top of this map you

here is a point, Hu Yang is not a general name, the name name for such a lot of people really, love Shanghai index keywords Hu Yang index in about 100, although some people may say this word is not what competitive. But I want to say is: I do not have the ability to do not have the energy to do those competitive particularly strong words, I say is just a method and idea.

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