Following the overthrow of all domestic Shanghai dragon teams see the true face of Shanghai Dragon

second, buy a lot of negative connection is because someone can do on the rankings, but please similar to your Shanghai Longfeng agency or company not to mislead the novice, from all walks of life in Shanghai dragon means are different, so buy a large number of connections just for your personal thoughts or what you think is love Shanghai search engine rules. Love is not the people of Shanghai machine. If you do not bid keyword promotion, there is no manual intervention, and you think that love will keep an eye on your site in Shanghai every day to see if you have the chain? Found outside the chain to see Google’s link value. The chain is really in love will not affect the site ranking of Shanghai, the chain of query results and love Shanghai, are included in other pages in your site links, so that is the chain. The chain and Links buy can not pass. If you think that people are buying links IQ problems, then I want to ask you, why do people a day income tens of thousands, and your income is not up to it, reflect on their. The chain of investment is venture investment, is not useless.

third, if you want to say, not so much money, please ask a Shanghai Phoenix or Shanghai dragon team to optimize a website for a year how much money? Any merchant or boss.

first, you said not to be able to do single page website home page. I can do this for example, any search results is less than ten thousand, less than 20 of the Shanghai love index index, as long as there is a single page keyword to the second, and the first row. The single page does not affect the user experience, any single page can create reputation and benefit, just the way you are narrow, so you go wide you can see. Once a crazy legend, SP and so on, I believe that these old Shanghai dragon can contact er. The National People’s Congress single page daily income of more than hundreds of thousands of people in. Perhaps you will say that this is the edge or grey areas. Then I’ll give you mention, Amway and the United States some necessities or Taobao, are single page. The site without core, there is still profit. If you do stand still rely on love Shanghai or other search engines, then you will fail. The user experience is not empty, not only ranked user experience. Depending on the search engine users click to enter, you can really remember domain name not be more than thirty percent people also believe that if you do experience is to cater to the search engine, then you should think about how to do the station just cater to the user, for the user to read, but do not look to the search engines. The user that single page value, it is valuable, you made 163 as the portal, no one or no one. Experience is that whether the user demand, rather than the rankings.

before an article has been a lot of controversy, but also hurt many so-called Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon training heart. Since some people to distinguish, I am not vague, you will have to explain why, it is really sad. The original article: an overthrow of all domestic Shanghai dragon team, Shanghai dragon company, Shanghai dragon worker article against defense

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