A station site optimization experience 5 years Adsense summary

(a) and the implementation of the correct planning website.

(two) high quality original content users really need.

(three) continuous innovation to improve our work in Shanghai Longfeng optimization.

in 2013 this day in Shanghai on various websites ranking requirements is very high, but the Shanghai dragon is undoubtedly now the lowest cost optimization of Internet marketing strategy, and it can make the rapid development of an industry, can effectively increase the attention of people, let more people to understand the information content of our website brings. We believe that such benefits are also known, but now the search engine to fight Shanghai dragon is great, so it also needs to pay attention to the optimization in some more, improve their own website optimization strategy continuously, so that today I share with you my years to do some summary stand wise remark of an experienced person the hope that useful to you.

said, I believe a lot of pseudo original, acquisition of the website this is deep, because in the past two years, the search engine or continue to fight against this type of website, and pay attention to and support those who pay attention to the original content of the webmaster. Especially some Adsense always feel your website is poor, spiders don’t grab, the reason may lie in the quality of website content. So a website wants to have a good development, high quality original content of power is essential. And when we write the content of the contents of the layout editor is also need to pay attention to, as www.tbtmsy贵族宝贝 is the user’s perspective in writing. In addition after writing a good article. Not for such a spider to grab the Oh, we’d better keep some blog or platform account, whenever we publish some good content on the site, and immediately through their own blog or some other platform to promote and bring the link, so it can it is effective to attract spider crawling.

said the site, I believe every.

we all know, no matter before what we are doing things prior to planning, and then to implement, in fact for the site is like this. So the line on the site before we need to understand what we have to do is express the following website, so as to carry out the planning, this is undoubtedly in the search engine after we have laid a good foundation for the optimization. And we also have early on in the selection of the purpose of the website keywords, because our days after the site is a large part of the need to rely on search engine users, but the user is through this keyword to find our website, so the choice of keywords is very important. And we also need to pay attention to some of the tabu search engine optimization and affect the user experience in the early work, for example, the design of the web page, as far as possible to be static, or not conducive to spider crawling. There are websites advertising adjustment, should be reasonable and clear, a series of notes will not affect the user experience and so on.


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