360 love the Sea disputes is bound to affect the future search pattern


search listed low-key, but on the second day of the listing will occupy 10% market share in search for all to see it low-key! From 360 search listing in August 16th to love Shanghai No. 22 to No. 25 announcement algorithm to update the search rankings change love Shanghai, love Shanghai this a series of movements not to the 360 declared: Hey! Dude, come on, I am ready to fight

! !The hidden

3Q war lasts long, fierce, the 360 eventually lost, but let many people see the resilience and perseverance of 360, the Tencent to get is weakened, is no benefit. Today 360 turns to love Shanghai, and domestic search to work, must have their own set of tactics, then we will analysis 360 what are their advantages:

but the 360 jump so fast search behind the study is not difficult to find a problem, 360 search does not seem to be their own technology, all the search results are identical with the love Shanghai! Let us wonder, 360 did not go forward with great strength and vigour struck, firing a shot to steal someone else’s results, this method is not in fact, not only immoral? We found the problem, love inside Shanghai certainly in the study, if the 25 love is really big changes in Shanghai ranked in 360 and adjusted it, then love Shanghai 360 will certainly be greater to fight /p>! "As everyone knows the

users: 3Q wide during the war is not difficult to find 360 security guards for the user is a huge number of collective, then the overwhelming advertising also do not understand IT ordinary Internet users have a deep impression in 360, so the 360 have their own advantage is richly endowed by nature users, download the installation of 360 products are know, 360 security browser is bound in many products, it also created the browser user groups are 360 eroded part, since it is their own browser then home surely can be set into its own search page, which is the reason why the 360 listed a day to quickly occupy the market, ordinary users will not distinguish different search engine is good, they only care about their own search results. So, dare to love and 360 sea Doo, emboldened in their user groups on the

exclusive technology: today’s "cloud computing" and "big data" and so on new technical terms can almost and search engine posted above. The IT industry is still an industry based, not their own exclusive technology and rich technical accumulation, so with the development of enterprises, technology will become a bottleneck restricting the development of enterprises sooner or later. 360 search since it is listed low-key, so his team behind the scenes is definitely abnormal low-key, fight the most attention is the enemy, not to let others understand their own technology, others for your elusive, it is also the 360 of their usual means of

While Zhou Hongyi maintained 360

: time to market reasonable choice listed in August 16th, popular, "

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