Eliminate hidden dangers high repetitive links love Shanghai included the same content

A: at the beginning of construction site standardization good website URL, whether it is foreign or internal links, unified selection of static page, all possible dynamic link dual or multiple all static generation. In this way, the website basically to avoid duplicate URL links.

just found a Links. In fact, this article is only a just, but why be included so much? Is because the site in the optimization process, ignoring the shielding of some links, leading to the same content there is more irregular URL links were included. But it was collected, but also be eliminated sooner or later, but very easy to bring the search engine will power to punish, so people don’t learn how to increase your page, to do is to optimize the check erroneous ideas at the outset.

what kind of link is repeated

links? links? In terms of the

in general, a lot of program design is not perfect, even if Discuz also have high repeatability link part. Such as: www.Xxxx/1.html is a web page, and at the same time there are www.Xxx/view.asp? Id=1, which is a typical URL, but caused the content of highly repetitive links. For this, the spider climb to the page will feel depressed, which is a link to this content link? Ate so many links, how are the duplicate content? Between this, then you love spiders independent of the original, a long time will also be a scare. The following is a typical example:

B:Robots.txt, most of the Shanghai dragon Er were used here to carry out the phone or page. Such as setting (Disallow: / *? *) to tell the search engines do not access the.


general website program, there are always three generation methods: dynamic pages and static page, pseudo static page generation. However, owing to the formation of many ways lead to different URL display the same content in the resulting index index when the same content search engine to address different URL connection. But don’t feel much be included, highly repetitive content search engine is not love, not to mention the same station, for such content if too much, not by right down to remove the contents, then is the closure of the station. So the webmaster should pay attention to it, to avoid being search engines with a high repetition link content.

This is a binary

discovered a problem, we will solve the problem. For the above problem, in general we basically in two ways: first, URL, second: Robots.txt shield.

how to avoid duplicate URL

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