Each optimization personnel must learn how to create a key word

the key benefits of using Thesaurus Editing method When many

, 5 fumble search engine on the content sorting techniques, the key observation in the thesaurus by editing content, and user statistics search keyword Lailu, to study such a ranking of the editorial content in common use to analysis extracted, no tail word ranking, two edition, the effect is very good.

2, improve ZhengZhan correlation, because the key key words in the lexicon, are the industry users may search the word, the correlation is very strong.

in Shanghai Longfeng edit website content, do not know what to write here, we must learn to edit key thesaurus, the use is very large, a good webmaster, need to develop good habits, whether it is the latter for editing lexicon or personal webmaster full-time editor is Shanghai dragon a very easy thing.

as a qualified Shanghai dragon, don’t be afraid of trouble, trouble you don’t do the Shanghai dragon, to do the bidding. Shanghai dragon itself is a time after precipitation, and persistence and patience webmaster together, the effective period is relatively slow, but once done, through this period, later will be relatively.

key thesaurus said simply, is that all users of the industry could search words, even if there is no index words are organized into a EXCEL table, when editing the content to form, through the long tail word, this is very good, and editing content value is very large. For example, today around C keywords to write a note, the quality of the content and keyword density, can be very good to grab the long tail words, get traffic.

3, keep visitors, because of which the content is very good, the chain construction site, to guide the user browsing deeper, reduce the rate of jump out.

4, to facilitate the company performance management, according to the analysis of key vocabulary and statistical background traffic, can master a key to bring traffic flexible.

1, editors will not blindly, according to the key words to the combined content of

thus editors will have to write in, not too blind, around the keywords key in the lexicon to form a good title, then according to the keywords to collect or their own original content, so the weight of the site as a whole is very good, such as at present, only some of the large sites are in use. Many people ignore the station, afraid of trouble. I think, build a key thesaurus like this, end of their easy to use, not what the written content in the blind do not know, give yourself a direction and a goal post will be a lot easier.

6 and improve the consultation rate, because the key contents of the thesaurus are the industry users may search words, so the consultation rate will have a significant improvement.

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