From the road of the development of Shanghai dragon operation angle of vertical portal

second, vertical portal Web2.0, reflects the interaction between users. The general vertical portal interactive columns reflect more is the forum, now also popular quiz platform. If you want to find a rental information, if you go to the comprehensive portal website or forum for public, may look for a needle in the ocean can not find their own, really want information, and to the vertical portal, you can quickly find really want information, and more professional, more credibility and authority. I think the forum ONLYLADY operation is very perfect, the gradual development of Master, mining holding red Master potential model, including the information station, their welfare agency, have stimulated the interaction between users, improve the adhesive. The author thinks that some characteristics of the vertical portal, can

first, vertical portal is the most important job of service. I think the service is the fundamental development of the vertical portal. Unlike the comprehensive portal website, do, do, but can not do fine, they can not be more than the professional vertical portal in solving the needs of users, can not do so professional vertical website. So the vertical portal is to first understand the needs of users, the users can solve what kind of demand, good service users, to help users solve the demand. So whether it is the rich flow of large sites, or no money flow small website, must do a good job of service. To see is to make the user experience from the perspective of Shanghai Longfeng, improve the return rate and conversion rate. Customers to buy the service, not to buy your product. Therefore, the service is so important. We are interested can go to experience the salon mall customer service, scold not return, also good service to you, they really do the customer is God’s idea.

service competitiveness and core competitiveness, vertical portals competition, especially the women’s website, much less the number of essential services and need to have the core competitiveness of products. I found many older women flow sites are rich, most of the flow is for advertising, navigation, PPC, I think, these sites once there is no investment, no money, whether can the same exist? I think, the vertical portal to long-term and healthy development the operation, it should be from the following aspects.

vertical portal is one of the most promising industry, the competitive strength of not less than micro-blog, quiz community, regional sites and LBS. A vertical portal has many advantages, segments, professional and strong, with high authority, user paste is high, if coupled with e-commerce, vertical portals can be authoritative and professional content to attract, stimulate and promote the customer’s consumption, to provide customers with one-stop service mode not only, the conversion rate is relatively high, as long as the maintenance and repeat relative will be high. Vertical portal bright ah. Today, the development of the road from the angle of operation of Shanghai Longfeng vertical portals, novice exchanges together, please master flying.

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