Change from civil servants to the webmaster just for EntrepreneurshipThe failure of the experience

or ignore the promotion, always think that with rich content, they will be someone, and the result of doing half a year, always can not break through 1000IP, and closed. Repeatedly, and made about 15 sites, registered the domain name should have 30, sometimes at the same time in four or five sites, people are tired of death, there is no natural results through the website

1. Choose a web site that you love


I remember the first to make money!

five, try hard to update the website must insist

six, keep every day to promote a few outside the chain more to adhere to

nine, study website promotion knowledge,

, 3 years ago, I left school, got into the civil service, a month’s salary of 1600., in all University classmates, I am still better!


time flies… Shua Shua Shua, over the past 2 years… It seems a little faster..

site was built in 2005, when using a free space, free domain is also used, so excitedly opened my first site. But the free stuff doesn’t last long, and in a few months it stops.

just got two months, found that the site traffic has been, his thinking thinking, feeling may be their choice of website industry is a wrong, as do two endlessly, the domain name change, again started a new plan, as well as in the previous step, the results showed that the server is not stable, often can not access, then think if this continues affirmation will lose a lot of users, so they spend money to buy a good space.

a college reunion, so I completely feel like a frog! And sit for 2 years


ten, enough to do one or two sites you’re an individual after all, and probably still have work, so take care of it

seven, do not start advertising to retain user base, but also the need for loyalty practical accounts

although I still do not open BMW, live in the villa, reliable efforts, basically people can live on, I can live. Of course, I’m still trying to start, at present only a little success! A lot of people join the site are very inconsistent, in fact there was relatively good information, can get him out, this is a test of your ability even if you! The authenticity of the information are judged not to come out, you want to success, it is very difficult to


four, select a program that you are good at easy to change, chosen by web site

3 years ago, in the middle of my classmates, I was better, and everyone admired me for finding a steady job with a low salary. Because at that time, just graduated, everyone in distress for finding jobs, are worried about the livelihood. This 2 years, because of work reasons, with less contact with students, so I still live a safe and comfortable life. Although the money is not much, but may not be hungry cold. But this university party, I’ve got my eyes open. In a short span of 2 years, many people have turned out to be bosses from poor people who have been worried about their livelihoods. The former two wheeler drivers have now hired drivers to drive their own cars. Look at yourself, sad! these two words describe themselves as real! imagine how uncomfortable I was sitting among my classmates on the day of the party. Then, I began to make up my mind: "I want to quit my job and can not live in such a comfortable life. I want to start a business!

so far I have received the reflection, and I hope to share with you:

three, choose a good space provider for web stability, don’t change it


eight, meet an industry Friend you can learn a lot of experience

two, choose a good domain name the best one to register for more than a few years, is certainly good

at that time, I seem to have a feeling of addiction to the website, so I went to buy a 100M space and top-level domain name, not to build the site. The beginning of the energy of all the rich web content above, increase the function of the website, the website to beautify the interface, and the promotion of the website is completely ignored, no one will not achieve the purpose of success in making money online.

because the civil service work is relatively idle, and come home from work at night, there is not much, so often rely on watching TV to pass the evening time. By chance, I saw an advertisement for a business venture on tv. Fuwa, venture investment Fuwa please! This advertisement interesting website is more interesting. People are Fuwa, he is Fuwa, this is especially attractive to me. Then I open a computer, typing the URL: Wow, not so much to join the information?. What, "three months return 1 million", "open the door of wealth", "want to make money with me" and so on, there are too many advertisements, too attractive…

eleven, finally must strive to adhere to at least two years because at least one or two years to see the effect, do not hurry to make money, have one or two years of solid foundation, with loyal users, after making big. "

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