From the treetop to the tip of the tongue respect for business laws bloom in human feelingsThe most

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is already in a "lemon market" in the environment, how to build a transparent tunnel between producers and consumers, in connection with the natural agronomic planting fruit farmers, people in the pursuit of quality natural life? This is our practice since June 2015. On both sides of the supply and demand, there are about 150 details, "process" need to be revised, confirmed and coupled. Please forgive me for using the word "process", which has been working in the manufacturing industry for 18 years. It is easy for CIO to project past experience in the process of starting a business. Fortunately, it is effective. These processes of mutual connection, support, constitute a light shop operating system, you can light the origin of the operation of thousands of acres of orchards, so that more small and micro brands can be appropriately enlarged by faith, continue to supply.

what is the most suitable method Wangzhuan us? The following 5 types, we analyzed one by one:

Taobao customers also have a simple way to operate, but also a higher threshold approach. The recommended way to Taobao customers can use the Ali Mama, with the first type of toil to promote; can also do their own website, seriously study SEO technology, planning your site’s marketing strategy, insist on a period of time, to bring up the natural, good income.

is the most difficult to adhere to the business development direction, "is not a handout", many problems are limited, but the founder to completely clarify these really is not easy, than to find the bug in dozens of pages of code to be difficult, because even if you can’t find the logical relationship, through the means of art "the problem.

in March 19, 2016, by a new generation of Chinese IT industry alliance to promote the host; CIO era of network host; Beijing University of information technology and information management research center, Peking University CIO class educational administration office Co, Southern China IT to win rings executives plan together, the title of the "UCloud North CIO Chinese – Guangzhou Railway Station" event will be opened in the beautiful Guangzhou curtain! The theme is: the Internet plus and entrepreneurial innovation, inviting the public.

in the mass innovation, entrepreneurship policy, how to catch up with the new wave of entrepreneurs to become entrepreneurs concern, "Internet plus" has become the most popular starting point for innovation and entrepreneurship. In innovation and entrepreneurship groups, there are no lack of CIO figure. Today, we tell about a story of entrepreneurs have feelings for you, the master of the story is the founder of Mdt InfoTech Ltd, Suzhou light shop seventh North CIO class of Mr Wang Jiajia, let him to share his entrepreneurial story.

Internet start-ups, start-ups, the internet. A grim reality is that you do business with respect for commercial law? It is in the absence of external investment, self circulation and continued to enlarge and then go on with?. When I and my partner created the Suzhou light store technology, that’s what I thought, but it wasn’t up to my definition.

4, his own shop, his own boss,

, founder of Suzhou light shop, founder of the seventh PKU CIO class, Wang Jiajia

greater uncertainty, when you want to take a nap, quietly, and this is actually the beauty of entrepreneurship.

The advantages of

if you are a hard-working person, if you have no other better way to make money, if you are satisfied with a living; you can choose this way, are generally easy to operate, simple, and very exercise endurance, is a way for beginners can try.

1, coolies

to open his own shop a lot of Taobao, a large number of successful crown stores, earning hundreds of thousands, millions of very much; and many have developed their own brand, the future development potential is infinite. But Taobao is not making a lot of money, and 90% of shopkeepers are struggling at the diamond level. Most of them are still groping for experience in their constant failures, and the champions who have stepped out of the path of success will not publish their key experiences wholeheartedly. The Internet has risks, and investment needs to be cautious,

activities recommend:


if we can find the blue ocean in the market, or the blank market positioning is good, such a web site has great potential for development. There are several difficulties in this way. The first to have the economic vision, find a good market; the second is to establish the website has certain technical requirements, a lot of people on the website of the knowledge is a blank, with high expectations; third is the site of the maintenance workload, this is the main reason most webmasters can insist on down.

2, Taobao

"from the tree top to the mouth": respect for business laws, bloom of human feelings,

is now the choice of most people. Taobao shop is now very hot, in the next twenty years, do not think, he is the most popular industry. From 2010 onwards, Taobao has gradually entered the stage of enterprise shop, there will be a variety of self generated brands grow up on Taobao. These numerous online shop and enterprise, it is the boss of Taobao guest. Help them promote goods and get commission. That is to say, twenty years, we do not have to consider, Taobao customer promotion is a product. And growing up of the vast number of 90 users, is our vast market.

5, help people build websites, or help others do SEO network marketing, this kind of person is a technology for a living. Not suitable for many higher.

3, do your own regular website

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