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brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

innovation works, senior investment manager Sun Zhichao on "the choice of financing opportunity, develop effective financing strategy, after the completion of the financing problems are" unique interpretation; nine Xuan Capital Partners Liu Yizhou, bluerun partner Chen Weiguang and Kay Vantage Capitals Ltd founder Wang Ran, is wary of "A, B, die die round round round C death gives his own views.

entrepreneurship is a bumpy road, you need to start from the initial N ideas to choose the most appropriate or most successful one, we must continue to select the most suitable person to form a team, product landing, promotion marketing…… In these processes, money is especially important.

, the current domestic software website is mainly suitable for advertising, sh419 search, and some monthly advertising.        Skype desktop map; mainly for advertising on the site should be in Skype advertising must be registered with the account registration. Members of the association of the same, and if the union members have more than one website must use different accounts on. If your website does not match the system registration address, please contact customer service or send mail [email protected], we will help you to make changes.

m.union.kingsoft/    Tom Skype software; promotion     wps   ; Kingsoft dominate     heard WPS do 2000 a month, there are more than two websites.

www.lianmeng    Skype voice;     Jinshan WPS active use:     small I boot registration MSN group     DHC; Chinese user registration

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financing is estimated by operating costs for 12-18 months, but there is no unique solution or optimal solution, just a range". Finance >

Sun Zhichao: a few vital

then, internally, identify a framework for financing. The number of shares sold, how much to finance? Whether or not to accept the stage? Whether to accept the bet? You need to re adjust the option pool? All of these need to be settled in the official financing before, in the current board of directors has internal consensus, if the founder of autocratic, could eventually will lead to naught.

in addition to the macroeconomic situation, there are some other possible birth of financing time points, such as: companies need to have a strategic plan to increase investment, rapid expansion, to seize the market; competitors are already financing or financing, and in areas where the funds will rapidly improve the competitiveness, etc..

what time is best for financing, there is no perfect answer, but scientific judgments are good and harmless. Economic situation, industry dynamics, capital market and so on will influence the investment intention of the investors at that time. Therefore, understanding the status of these important economic engines is an important reference for choosing the best financing time. What areas are hot this year? Can the heat be maintained next year? When the industry is in good shape, financing is easy, and vice versa. The entrepreneur must take advantage of the opportunity, if the environment is not good, you need to quickly financing, do not blindly wait for a more favorable opportunity.

2, fully prepared, financing strategy

can not know the financing

Abstract: for start-ups, successful financing is the first step in their success. Successful financing does not mean success, but also may die in the A round of financing, B round of financing, but also may face C round of death.

, for start-ups, successful financing is the first step in their success. And successful financing does not mean success, start-ups may die in the A round of financing, B round of financing, even after crossing the threshold before, may also face the death of C round.

1, election timing, money also financing

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