How do individuals make a successful website originalNew Adsense talk about achievement net alliance

three: think about your competitors.
1: fewer opponents, the better.
      competitors are few or no competitors, is the best. Now many people create a new term, they can send a pen. For example, WEB2.0’s proposal made a lot of fire, because they didn’t have an opponent at the beginning. More opponents make it difficult.
2: Yes >

how to earn money, we like the students’ spare time or more, a friend introduced under the decision to start advertising, but before doing the filter or a lot, such as how to monitor data, reputation, advertising costs to support a number of things to pay, Xinlimeidi. But I think I’m still lucky. I think I’ve found a better alliance, that’s the results net advertising Union.

 : a website name easy to remember; 1: the name of the site in four words.
 : 2: domain name to be short, control in 6 words is the most ideal.

individuals how to be able to do a successful website? This is a question worth thinking about. My station is a web page, and it is not really a successful station. I talk about this topic with you. Maybe it’s a bit of an armchair discussion. Four main points: name, hobbies, opponents, updates.

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

in the second year when exposed to Wangzhuan, do not understand what is heard that the students can make money through the network at the time, it sounds really good, because I will do some simple website and pictures, so we built a website of their own very simple

first look at the League where, when joined also don’t understand, then I discovered that the alliance’s back-end technology is good, can be very good to the monitoring data, such as advertising registration can timely return of each classification is very detailed, at a glance, can make us understand webmaster their advertising effect, there is a result of network advertising than other alliances more, and many of them are exclusive, this to our webmaster choice is very wide, can choose a suitable site to launch their own web sites, so the effect will be very good, just after they applied for that account. For some activities to put on the website, because it wasn’t what traffic is through friends such as registration, and stick around their own website, many update So, friends have returned to the registration, but some are not, it may be deducted the amount of Oh, but it is not found that the union does not deduct the amount, but still there are 70% certification rate, also said to take advertising links directly to the forum where such promotion can result in the net, not cheating, we can try, as long as to bring effective data should be recognized, but if it is through this method to promote deception caught would be the K, I have personally experienced, that wretched, so we don’t try, unless you’re cheating is very high of course. Not recommended, cheating, results of another big advantage is more timely payment, though the period is long but every month at the end of last month, the Commission will certainly fall in your account, if no payment is successful customer service will Contact you in a timely manner to supplement the exchange, which is very good, should be the current advertising Union in the credibility of the better!

said a second network results shortcomings where it is relatively high threshold, my website was rejected several times, and then several customer only approved, there is the advertising review is relatively slow, the efficiency of the staff is not very high, if you could wait for many days of advertising review only through some activities, or more serious, such as some of the activities that the data time delay, data return time is too slow, there is a buckle, I think the amount deducted net results or some, only.

two: think about your hobbies.
1: you can stick to it until you love it.
      Chairman Mao said, "it is not difficult for a person to do a good deed; it is difficult to do good only for a lifetime; do nothing wrong; borrow and tamper with it.". It’s not difficult to update a website one day, but it’s hard to update it every day. So how can you make it difficult? One way. That’s love. Because you like, you won’t take him as a difficult thing, you will take it as a happy thing. A good scholar is better than a scholar.
2: you can become familiar with what you do only if you have a hobby.
        you love something, you will learn it, you know more. There is a saying that entrepreneurship starts with what you know. Only when you are familiar with this aspect can you know what other people want and what you can give them so that your station will develop.

! !The next step is

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