TCL intelligent mobile phone justHow to start a business in the mobile nternet era

, director of Dongsheng information group, Changan Dongsheng, said: "big opportunities are getting smaller and smaller opportunities are getting bigger.". Do not always go after those already formed the opportunity of the platform, the thing that big company is doing, you do not go after, the entrepreneur must walk in front of big company. Therefore, entrepreneurs should consider the following three aspects when they start a business:

so, how to make use of the mobile network marketing to achieve the lowest cost, the highest conversion rate of business vision? In the face of such a huge market, mobile Internet entrepreneurs how to use existing resources, entrepreneurial

? in November this year, TCL Mobile Communication Co. warehouse delivery has been busy, intelligent mobile phone e757 – God’s code orders come in a throng so they had to work overtime, a car products sent to all parts of the country.

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intelligent upgrade springboard

‘s first: I recommend paying attention to user habits, the influx of 300 million mainstream users this year, their users and last year’s 1, 200 million users may not be the same, pay attention to what user habits they have.

third: according to the development of Internet entrepreneurs should think more about some of the entrepreneurial direction: for example, how do some enterprise, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, but also can consider the large enterprise how to use the mobile Internet to change the internal work flow, the slightly longer, but also not too early to start thinking about now.

mobile Internet era, traditional enterprises want to develop, we must conform to the trend of the times, change. However, when doing traditional industries plus mobile Internet, we must take into account that the past can not move all the traditional industries directly to the mobile internet. For example, it is not a yellow page that has been transformed into a mobile Internet APP. Today we see the most successful on many mobile media, not to print one by one to scan to the mobile Internet, but a completely different form: such as Sina micro-blog, it largely replaced the media, but it is the subversion of the traditional state changed the past.

second: the proposal is a combination of mobile Internet and traditional industries, that is, the so-called O2O. How to use mobile Internet to change the basic necessities of life, eat and drink?.

therefore, when the enterprise reform, its accumulation in the traditional industry contacts and knowledge, industry chain is very important, but we must abandon the past product form, to embrace the mobile Internet, the introduction of new technology and to get the user to believe that such enterprises will be the biggest success.

brand promotion with this recipe, since July minus 500-1000 yuan

with the development of the Internet, more and more people "touch the net", according to official statistics, as of March this year, China Mobile’s Internet users have exceeded 850 million. When the Chinese people have more than 500 million smart devices in hand, the mobile terminal inevitably become a new battlefield of marketing. "Denver fingertips business" is not a fantasy – WeChat selling mask 3 months to earn 180 thousand, the grass root more beautiful.

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