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not only that, let us look at the headlines of the market feedback, although the headlines of the users daily living place in order under the Tencent news, but in the first half of 2016, according to the Ai Rui report, today’s headlines user stickiness and user satisfaction reached first. In such a result, the headline 60 billion of the RMB valuation seems to be no surprise.

says, "hundred is you want to understand how to make money, really earn money?".

finished, let’s take a look at the headlines from 0 to 1. With the popularity of smart phones, the demand for information is second only to IM instant messaging in the mobile world. Traditional information is also changing from the web portal era to the mobile phone era. These traditional portals such as Sina, Tencent and Sohu have also rapidly responded to market changes and introduced corresponding mobile phone App.

of course, we do not deny that some personal websites have created "fairy tales" that have successfully transformed into commercial websites". However, these stories are all produced and then the background and behind those transient opportunities, you may not know, now many successful commercial websites are first took the money and plan to start doing, there is no investment and investment effect is different. Not the fairy tale as life to fame bone dry, transformation in these aura of success, more is the personal website transformation of commercial website failures, suddenly out of the story, there are a lot of personal websites mainly rely on advertising to maintain their livelihood.

sometimes, you may find that your business, no website can do very well, and the website does not bring much benefit to your business. Why do you spend money on a business site? Personal website is also very good!


traditional >

76 minutes. What’s the concept? I give you a set of data for your reference. Displayed in the Q2 alliance data in 2016, news and information to users of the class average length is about 26.6 minutes, the user video playback using a class is 40 minutes long, the use of these two data are less than the sum of the headlines of a App length.

runs a business web site, and all the resources on the site revolve around your business purpose. Included, shlf1314 offers many excellent free services, and everything he does is inseparable from the charge. The more the search engine, the better the advertising effect, the more advertising revenue. It seems free, but it costs

it is a basic principle of business to do as little or no work as possible.

and personal website, the starting point is not for profit model, the establishment of personal website is often out of personal interest, many personal web site tragedy is that in the beginning did not want to, in the end whether to make money. But when the site visits more and more when they found no income ". When you want to make money, you find that there is nothing on the web that you can charge, or that the user is resisting the charge. You have to blame yourself for that. Who let you start with so many free users?!!

do it purposefully and without purpose, and then find a way out, and the cost is very different, because the commercial website is business.

I started with the headlines about the financing and valuation background. As early as 2012, when headlines didn’t come out, the Beijing byte jump company, A, whose headlines were affiliated, had won millions of dollars in financing. Then, every year, it is very robust to get a boost in the amount of investment.

in 2014 June, C round of financing is up to $100 million, led by Sequoia Capital, micro-blog conducted with the cast. By 2016, headline valuations had been as high as $9 billion 230 million, equivalent to 60 billion yuan.

headlines on what basis to get such a high valuation, we can look at these data, I participated in this year’s September headline number of the latest data creators conference. Online four years ago, today’s headlines have reached 550 million cumulative users, living over 60 million, the average daily reading of more than 1 billion 800 million, the average length of use of users is as high as 76 minutes.


commercial website is business, and the Internet can not be separated from this principle. So, if you want to make money on your website, what’s your business strategy? The website can do business strategy. Then, put in more energy to do it so that you can focus on the limited resources and do what works best.

Abstract: by 2016, today’s headlines search index has exceeded Tencent news, on-line 4 years, the accumulation of 550 million users, live more than 60 million… These huge data behind, have delivered to us today’s headlines, through the algorithm + social to win the first domestic determination.

‘s headline CEO discovery found that the media simply increased the distribution of traditional portal content, but the essence of content distribution is that nothing changes, what editors recommend, and what we see. What is on the portal, and what is the content on the App?.

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