shlf1314 Adsense blocked domain fast releasing combatThe power to speak of grassroots hurts the blog


brand promotion with these strokes, in July activities set off 500-1000 yuan,

3, be honest in your attitude, admit your mistakes and correct them. This is the key,

thank you very much for your amendment to our website in order to comply with our policy. This will help you continue to succeed through the shlf1314 AdSense.

I think a lot of people have such experience, that is, the domain name for shlf1314 Adsense is sealed for various reasons. Specifically, the phenomenon is that the shlf1314 Adsense code is released, no ad display, or a direct error page. If that happens, it means that you have a 100WIP shlf1314 Adsense AD and it won’t have any effect. Because shlf1314 blacklisted you. A lot of people are basically out of touch with this problem, and some people write letters to the shlf1314 Adsense group, but the ending is usually without effect. Before the text, including me, it was the result.

2, involving serious copyright, such as video or music that once was closed, if the domain name is the content, the basic no hope

I used to have a domain name blacklisted for shlf1314. I wrote to shlf1314 this morning around 4, and I’d like to play it by myself. The general is aware of their mistakes, then indeed correct, and make the user experience, user centric, rather than for advertising and advertising, the afternoon 2008-07-31 14:50:11 received emails as follows:


shlf1314 AdSense from

read the letter is very exciting, because shlf1314 did not abandon me, but also that I really have problems before it can lead to blacklisted domain name, summed up the following experience to Admin5’s FANS people.

please note that since your website has been temporarily suspended from advertising, it will be delayed for up to 48 hours or more before your website can start advertising again. If we find out that you are violating our plan policy again, we may deactivate your account.

rise in the western Blog, after landing in China, it was much respected by Internet users. According to sh419’s "2006 China blog development authority report" shows that as of November 3, 2006, the number of Chinese blog sites worldwide reached 52 million 300 thousand, the blog Blogger the number of users reached 19 million 870 thousand, the average blog Blogger users have about 2.6 blogs, blog site number and blog users have a certain degree of growth than last year, per capita the number of blogs also increased slightly compared with last year.

grassroots voice is gradually deprived

network to the roots of the biggest surprise is the discourse of freedom, and the right to speak but are slowly to the grassroots are not deprived of their ways of perceiving. Open the home page of Sina blog, full of eyes filled with celebrities, but it is these celebrities, firmly occupy the position of sina’s list in front of, but also firmly grasp the right to speak.

the achievements of the grassroots blog, blog diaojingongcang, tusigoupeng, alienated the grassroots.

> voice lost


1, don’t be evil. That’s the premise,

4, patience communication, after all, is mail communication, not telephone or interview

6, mail do not send too "diligent", such as a few days a day, shlf1314 work group work under great pressure, so please forgive

7, be sure to recognize yourself before you write

5, pay more attention to shlf1314 Adsense official forum

we have restored the site’s advertising now.

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