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, the iOS’s top 10 publisher, has contributed only 1.53% of its revenue, even the world’s largest iOS developer in China is hard to generate revenue.

of the iOS market, Chinese APP downloads ranking second in the world, but the income only ranks eighth in the world, the average income China downloads only $0.03, $0.28 is the user of 1/10, or even only half of vietnam.

July 6th, the United States well-known mobile monitoring data App Annie at the mobile Internet Innovation Conference released this group of data, opened the reality and helplessness of the China Mobile Internet industry.


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, however, Wang Hua is optimistic about the growth prospects of iOS games. "Domestic players have been taught many times about previous web games and client games, and the users are very good at it, and now they seem to be overseas."

this means that users can only pay 6 yuan, 12 yuan, these are usually less accustomed to the amount, and 1 yuan, 10 yuan this figure is the domestic users are more accustomed to.

: it’s difficult for developers to get revenue from home. In the first quarter, 90% of China’s ten largest developers have come from overseas." "The best developers in China have realized that the market is not in the country, but in the world," said Yu Junde. "They only see China as part of the world, focus on China, not focus on China."."

China’s ten largest developer, 90% revenue from overseas

1. One of the fastest, the easiest way is to find high keywords froogle.shlf1314/. The following is the search box, you will see a list of keywords. This is a few items on the list, a recent search and mediocre. This is often the name of the product, has the very high key words bid. In order to find the answer, just go to pixelfast/overture/ to start plugging in some key words, look at how many people vote them. You will find some keywords, in about 1 – 2 dollars, or even longer. So, when you want to find some additional statements, give you a completely new set of keyword research simple news F5 9100 pages and froogle

tactical keywords.


App Annie also disclosed for the first time Chinese iOS income ranked the top 10 distributors, all of them are engaged in game development companies, namely LV1, HappyLatte, Burson Marsteller interactive, Pinldea, Haypi, all games, games, Tap4Fun, Hu Levin iFree Studio and rock interaction.

2. EBay is a great place to find untapped markets. They literally

keywords. This is a list of tens of thousands of highly popular language

the keyword, you will be taken to a page will give you the

look you find another way to find the mouth eBay is going to
keyword-index.ebay/a-1-77.html. This database will give you a more keywords >

Asia Pacific iOS average downloads revenue

China’s ten largest App developer, Sina Technology, Zhang Nan micro-blog,

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, on the other hand, is a booming mobile Internet industry, with a small amount of revenue on one side. "Many domestic developers know that the willingness of Chinese users to pay is very low, so they simply make it free and rely on advertising to generate revenue." App Annie business director Yu Junde said.

Innovation workshop founding partner Wang Hua analysis said that the domestic iOS game fees difficult to do is subject to Apple’s billing settings. According to Apple’s request, the minimum amount paid per time is $0.99 or $6, while the minimum growth gradient is $0.99.

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