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since last year, he has gone through several tests. Wei Zhe incident, Taobao, Alipay, Taobao fake storm event Mall now Tmall "October besieged city", in a test of Alibaba micro-blog manager. As the spiritual leader of Alibaba, Ma has taken the most controversy and criticism.

in response to the crisis, he had to go back to Hangzhou overnight. He was very tired when he appeared in front of the media when he was on a long journey. He said the attack on Taobao mall touched his bottom line and even shook his once confident understanding of humanity.

external confusion, and Alibaba internal Jack Ma is not too worry.

this may have made him tired, and even made him feel negative at one time.

Unlike the Alibaba’s, the new forces in these big expansion have their own ideas, which could lead to a cognitive divide in the Alibaba culture. And these often still need Ma Yun to communicate with the attitude of policymaker. Effect of

a story may be very typical. A government official to visit Ali, alite aside a dedicated elevator for it, but did not want to incur the young employees dissatisfied. Young people think this is a wild and intractable attitude of powerful curry favour. The storm finally come down by Jack Ma, he in the network forum said to all guests, courtesy of hospitality is a Alibaba should do.

in business for 17 years, Ma Yun micro-blog appeared from the stage of retreat mentality.

Ma Yun also faces the problem of value identification among young Alibaba employees.

but he was also sensitive to the problem. At the Taobao annual conference in late 2010, he said Taobao would have a "robbery" in 2011. But in the end, this year’s turmoil went beyond his expectations.

close to Alibaba sources said, "this Ma Ma blow a lot," the crowd struggling for themselves, but hurt themselves."

he used to be full of optimism. Speaking with Inamori Kazuo micro-blog in 2008, he said the work he has done over the years has been to magnify the good side of good young people through values and mission. He said confidently that the success of the Alibaba was because he understood human nature.

in September last year, after B2B, Taobao, Alipay three business after the storm, he said that after nearly 16 years of entrepreneurship is very tired, want to rest for a year in the United States, but this plan is half a month after the "October besieged city" interrupted.

on the other side is that Ma has always been the ultimate key to solve the problem, this also allows other executives to take charge as chief of the real.

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, such as "October siege", despite the Taobao Mall now renamed Tmall, the official and CEO Zhang Yong >

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