How to make money online ah on some new Wangzhuannsist on the webmaster Wangzhuan insists there is

"focus on persistence, no bottom line."

5, for some there is no value, or very small things of value to know how to give up, know how to give up are likely to succeed, which is the online project you should give up toil, and spent time on the things above.

all right, let’s get back to business. Some of my words to Wangzhuan rookie, Wangzhuan newcomers are from the beginning of what is it? I want to make money online from the beginning, after he learned to make money online is really, began to contact to make money online, now in the Internet is flooded with too many projects, including large part or a liar project. But often these crooks on the new project is the biggest attraction, because they are written very attractive, and new friends because just contact, do not understand, and they dwell on the Internet can immediately make money, they all thought of making money online is easy. This gave the crooks great opportunities.

1, please make it clear that there is no easy money to make in the world, whether in reality or on the internet. So don’t think it’s easy to make money online.

2, the things you don’t know, you have to do is to understand him, how to understand, understand, you can sh419, there will be a lot of information on the Internet, you can generally understand what it is. Rather than being a childish child, ask someone else’s childish questions to let them know you’re easy to cheat.

4, you learn to use the knowledge to make money online, this is very important, we do not look at the eyes, look at the long-term, to consider the long-term, so that you can truly succeed, earn money.

imperceptibly rapidly over the past 2 months, the summer flashed on, do not want to own up to now, in addition to the day to update the site is to check the information, do Wangzhuan, boring is self-knowledge, just think of the station’s hard, tired! Stay up late every day to 2, 3 points, what is not understand what school. Do stand is because a Wangzhuan predecessors said, you really want to do Wangzhuan, best is a home on the Internet, which know this sentence to do good, time is not so good to do, can be very difficult, at least for me, a no do stop technology and experience people also eat well, ` ` bitter, now the biggest desire is the site to be healthy growth, so I love it, it is often said the first time is always the most beautiful.

well, I think this is more than something to say Wangzhuan, then think more new friends want to say, I will write.

some of the Wangzhuan new words, why to write some new words to Wangzhuan? Because I am coming from new Wangzhuan know the confusion and perplexity.

everyone wants to know what you’re looking for, sh419, shlf1314 can find a lot. I write this article’s purpose is not wordy these things, alas, everyone knows grassroots webmaster is not easy, just like this topic said:

3, you want to know how to make money online in the end, what you really want to do, this is very important, want to know to do, insist, to learn this knowledge, not what others say you what to do, it is very silly things, then you will be what do.

, here’s a sentence to say:

actually I’m new to myself now, but for a lot of friends who just heard about it and want to make money online, I’m older. I came all the way, go between many detours, also lost badly, you can see my blog on my Wangzhuan experience of being cheated this article about my experience. There are details of how I was cheated, and what fraud items are there.

I also know, do stand in your insistence, also know that have the supreme enthusiasm is not equal to success, to be a real webmaster, insist on, adhere to, there is no bottom line. For me this new webmaster, because of passion or curiosity and go on the construction site of the road, but because of lack of experience and patience, enthusiasm eventually slowly by time, it is a failure. In fact, the website construction is like making a house, especially at the beginning. The promotion of the website is very difficult, because it is not so easy for many people to know and accept your website. As a webmaster, this time should be dealt with the problem is to find ways to expand the spread of the site path. And on the promotion of the way, the Internet is too much, I say it is also at one’s own expense.

Lang earn!

Jin to all too hard and fighting in the grassroots, to parents to eventually return, anything for my own!! my station www.loonglo one of the most cool net Wangzhuan, Lang earned net, ha ha, let my dream come true, we are happy! Please indicate the source thank you

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