The congregation raised the king of Dallas electric all raised 81 million 760 thousand new high amou

core: services around target female population

in Beijing 798 "Dream Castle" see God carved, he was wearing a dark shirt, wearing black rimmed glasses, without a big boss shelf, comes to his project is to talk rapidly. From God carved entrepreneurial experience, as early as 10 years ago, he opened the Malan beauty shop, and earn a pot of gold; 2006, Meng wake up AFU soon AFU oil has become Taobao sales in the first oil brand. After that, there is a small number of entrepreneurship around women. "A lot of people say I’m good at marketing, and I don’t deny it, but what we do is not only through marketing".

according to the previous agreement, the 13434 people purchased Dallas electric M1 will be free access to the value of 748 yuan to raise public package, including: the body with the same color of the 14L large capacity storage box, the vehicle lost pay Paul butter. To ensure the user’s driving pleasure at the same time, to solve the demand for storage space and the loss of vehicle worries.

carved ye think, nail is difficult to like 3C, digital products such as standardization, therefore, the management of nail artist is a key link can do well. To this end, the beaver family Manicure division to undergo a rigorous training in pre assessment after the appointment; if the violation of the relevant provisions, the first Manicure Division I will be punished, will undergo further investigation, to determine whether there is a similar situation to other Manicure division.

, the Mavericks electric M1 online sales reached 18996 units, of which M1 Youth Edition 3497, M1 City Edition 9070, M1 power version 5096, M1 top distribution version 1333. Participation in raising the total number of 96723 people, non orders, only support amount to 87830 yuan. After the successful completion of all chips, 40 days, Dallas Electric will begin shipping, which means that the Mavericks electric "butter" will reach 70 thousand passengers, and all sales are from the line.

, in his opinion, his team do best is the middle class women’s business, Manicure not only conforms to this position, but also has high requirements on the quality of service, "this is not a simple technology, hard work, there is the beauty and quality inside".

Mavericks electric this time to defend again is by no means accidental. According to incomplete statistics, in April 21st, the Mavericks electric M1 series new conference attracted the attention of millions of consumers, only in the NetEase, Sina, Iqiyi and other more than 10 live media, there are millions of users to watch Dallas electric M1 release of live, the test and evaluation of burst test, and the media continue to focus on the progress of the plan to ensure all the products, Dallas electric M1 the congregation raised the perfect ending. The products, Dallas electric focus on solving the blocking, crowded, dirty, chaotic contemporary urban life and other travel pain points, to create the most correct travel tool for city travel, its simple manipulation, high power, strong endurance and fashion design won high praise of consumers.

May 17, 2016 at 10 in the morning, cattle electric technology announced that the Mavericks electric M1 on the Jingdong raised all the chips, the total amount raised 817 billion 668 million 340 thousand yuan.

according to reports, in September, the beaver losses about 8000000 losses in October expanded to 10 million. According to the prediction of God carved, future home > Beaver

in the construction of the model, ye ye insisted that the collection does not charge the nail division, and at this stage do not consider making money and profits. In order to do a beaver, God carved in 2013 to start the project, they took thousands of million yuan as an angel round of funding; in August this year, the beaver has been the introduction of new investors, the market valuation reached 1 billion yuan.

DoNews December 15th news reporter Zhang Lin Internet marketing Daniel, oil king, from the founder of the AFU brand to get involved in catering, Manicure launched carved sirloin and beavers in the home, the Internet and business circles, God carved Meng wake continue to be sought after and myth. In the face of these lively voice, God carved said, "at the time I have been concerned about how others evaluate, in fact I do so many things, is a thing about middle-class women to carry out service".

M1 is more close to the user as Dallas electric a product, reducing people happy trip, known as urban life and fashion cool. And since last year’s conference, Niu electric technology has spent nearly a year to develop and perfect itself, we can see that the road will often appear small >

the Dallas M1 series electric Jingdong raised again to refresh the record, as the history of the highest amount of Chinese to raise public projects, and beyond the refresh last June Dallas electric N1 series of creative 7200 peoples to raise record, become Chinese history in the first two consecutive times to break the record companies to raise public.

electric M1 Jingdong to raise public Dallas Morning of April 27th at the beginning of 10, reaching 5 million yuan can be successful, but only 9 minutes and 50 seconds to reach the public to raise the target; 34 minutes will raise the amount of 10 million; in May 15th, the congregation raised the amount of over 72 million yuan, create a new congregation record; May 17th, to 81 million 760 thousand yuan final results perfect ending.

from AFU oil, God carved sirloin, Xue Pan skewers the beaver now, God carved has 9 entrepreneurial projects. After the success of AFU and other brands, why do these? God carved quotes Lei Jun’s words to explain: "when this great opportunity comes, I can lose, but I have to do". The great opportunity here refers to the popularity of smart phones and the gradual maturity of mobile payment.



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