The WeChat business is just a dream Entrepreneurial success failure insights from selling products


this is obviously a easy business, not

we strive to improve the Boomerang platform to make it faster and more intelligent. Of course, now it seems that many of our assumptions were wrong in the early days. According to consumer feedback, they are really happy to present

‘s introduction to consumer entrepreneurship is that if you do the right tests, the wrong assumptions about your business are exposed very quickly.

dream open, WeChat goddess is depicted as a versatile, colorful multicolored ingenue. This makes many people regard it as a YY object will have more confidence in the pursuit of this goddess, in pursuit of the crazy and lost direction,

In the current


, as my first venture, though I was too slow to acknowledge the outcome of the failure, it was, after all, an unfortunate experience in my social journey. However, like many "rookie" entrepreneurs, I am still optimistic about the prospects of our venture projects. I believe that failure lies in the lack of execution, rather than conceptual mistakes. So, at first, we spent a lot of time fixing and refining the product rather than subverting our original vision.


but when we officially launched, we had a problem: the customer’s "heart" was not caught by us. They are not satisfied.

WeChat’s entrepreneurial power comes largely from WeChat, which is already a social app with a population of nearly 400 million. As WeChat’s ideal commercial value continues to rise, discussions about WeChat’s business are becoming more and more numerous,

The good thing about

in this case, WeChat to benefit if the goddess, followers will be more obsessed with WeChat that their pursuit of WeChat goddess goddess, more sure, was excited to boast self, that self confidence has better for the future of life is full of in the presence of a large number of other WeChat goddess follower. There are even a few leaks of evidence to let rivals envy his current relationship with WeChat goddesses.

, after understanding some of the alleged leaks, were among the WeChat goddesses


our goal is to create a consumer gift platform that allows Facebook users to buy real gifts from each of the local best sellers. Americans are very keen on gift cards and spend nearly $100 billion a year on gift cards. According to the survey, compared to the traditional gift cards of well-known brands, 70% of American consumers are more willing to give gifts with local characteristics.

many people rush into WeChat venture whirlpool, by all means, all the resources on the WeChat business should be how to do, there must be a large number of new entrants to the soldier’s attitude, paving the way for WeChat mobile in the era of stars with the cost of life! Although this situation on the other the business circles are inevitable, but the current was optimistic about WeChat business, WeChat will become the wave of entrepreneurship to create Utopia has not too normal! This is bound to let more innocent entrepreneurs in business failure after WeChat realized it is but a fleeting illusion, everything all will be in a dream wake up and disappear! The author will to a universal pursuit of WeChat experience to play the goddess on WeChat

with WeChat goddess personal performance capabilities continue to leak, increasing the number of public exposure, accelerate the team operation, the subconscious will WeChat goddess YY objects as people are becoming more and more! In such star effect, many WeChat goddess follower is to become more high-quality resources free WeChat goddess personal information multi-channel display in the open

seeks the root of the error,

, a fleeting illusion!

always need to have so a fleeting illusion, a YY object to be able to become the goddess WeChat! All YY object, you must first make people interested in it, which requires WeChat goddess self display from WeChat! The social software in support of popular Tencent, WeChat is just the wonderful goddess show to prove they have become the goddess of ability, began to have a large number of followers of

we have excellent products and sales team, and we also value cooperation with well-known local e-commerce investors. In our four most important cities, we often go to the top restaurants, bars, spas and other attractions there to negotiate unique gift packages. Some are even free of charge. In addition, we offer more simple and wonderful gift services for computers and mobile phone users.

lose self-control! !

WeChat goddess multi-channel display which opened a fleeting illusion

In the process of

the original text reads as follows:

, author of this article, Smith, ·, Zach, is the founder and CEO of gift giving website Boomerang. In the eyes of many people, with gifts and gift cards gifts to attract consumers is easy thing, but Zach found, that is not the case. E-commerce is not profitable, and sometimes you need to consider whether to change the way of thinking, sales of products is not the only way to profit.

WeChat goddess to the point of sweetness, followed by excitement

last August, when my team officially launched the Boomerang web site, it was a good decision in our opinion, but then we had to admit it was a mistake.

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