What websites are the most profitable in the futureCan you continue to be a farmer when you are over

is now second times, because of Internet has changed the nature of the use, we have been familiar with the network, began to use the network to solve their own side of the problem, because the online payment becomes convenience, so search and shopping has become the main stream now. This has made search engines and shopping networks the real support of the Internet economy. Because ordinary people start paying, the Internet is profitable at this point. Making money out of the Internet is also possible.

Internet is in continuous evolution, people who use the network determine the direction of the Internet, that is, what determines the future of the site can become mainstream.

IT seems to be an industry for young people. When you are 50, can you still do farm work,

– become an expert. It can be either a language Clojure, Java, C, etc., or a domain data system design, algorithm design, machine learning, etc., or even some kind of software fraud detection system, recommendation engine, etc.. Many of these technologies have existed for ten years, or even longer, so if you become an expert, it will be very popular. But there are two warnings: 1 you must like this area, otherwise it will be very unhappy; 2 the environment will change over time, so it is better to take this as a plan of 5 to 10 years rather than the 30 year plan. If your current field of expertise is out of date, you should explore new areas, but don’t wait until you’re really out of date.

because people on the Internet determine the future of the network. So our business lab can analyze current and future networks and web sites based on this.

– use your own experience. Don’t be an old man who asks for a high salary, but be a mentor with lots of experience". Should not be >

before 2000 when the network started, everyone will not use the network, it is a blank period, these characteristics determine the Sohu such as Sina portal, Tencent such communication tools has become the mainstream, this is the same HAO123 ". Because they fill a gap, and because a radish is empty, it’s impossible for them to achieve the same achievement as a large number of www.tu like their websites.

because employers think you have higher positions and higher salaries than younger people, they will consider hiring you as a higher threshold. If young programmers do not know the best way to work, it may not be a big problem. But if you don’t understand, the employer will naturally wonder if your value is twice as good as the other applicants.

then, what will the next network look like? What kind of website will become the most profitable website in the future?

– to be a very good programmer. This is nonsense, but Geoff, ·, Dean Jeff, Dean and Kent · Beck Kent Beck such people are always easy to find the work of programmers. Their level is surprisingly high, but if it can reach a certain level, even if it is much lower than Geoff · Dean, then, no matter how old, it is still easy to find a job.

– open to some junior positions, especially when you move into the new software field. If you can accept middle position and salary, it is definitely easier to find a job than those who are not CTO and non – annual salary. This is the common effect of supply and demand.

to improve this situation, we can consider the following ways:

is not the age, but the age of the employer. When you’re 40, 50, or 60, the employer thinks you want to be a project leader, architect, chief software engineer, and so on. They will also think that your salary has risen by 5% to 10% per year over the past twenty or thirty years, so your market price may be 50% to 100% higher than that of a 25 year old who has only 3 years of experience.


background: I’m in my early 30, but there are a lot of programmers around me who are older than me. Here’s my personal opinion, not employer.

? The key to

third periods, that is, in the near future, with the Internet and ordinary people closer contact, the actual business structure will be affected, e-commerce era will really come. People’s sense of place and space has been eliminated, and the time and price of pick-up will be two important factors for residents to purchase goods

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