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titanium media note: people start this thing, in the north of Guangzhou and other second tier city basically is two days, north of Guangzhou near entrepreneurs "heaven", but relatively speaking, capital and talent problem is magnified in the second city. Titanium media reporter, through field visits and extensive interviews, we tried to restore a true entrepreneur in the second tier cities:

money and people have always been the two key factors that determine the success or failure of a business. More money and better people make it faster. Funding and talent problems are magnified in second tier cities.

students can use ofo’s small yellow car through WeChat service number and App. And because the small yellow car is equipped with sensors and intelligent devices, you can achieve the positioning, unlocking, car, pay and other car flow.

, public bike stolen or "private" and other issues, the ofo team said, whether we purchase delivery vehicles or vehicles, teachers and students to share, the price is not high, and there is a uniform spray and seal, it is difficult to resell stolen vehicles. From our daily maintenance and inventory situation, the loss of vehicles is not serious, the total number of vehicles has not decreased significantly. Students themselves on the private lock is relatively rare, maintenance master encountered classmate report or >

In addition to

Abstract: in Beijing, a good story may be able to get a sum of money, but such a thing can not happen in the capital less active Wuxi. Investors in the second tier cities Internet entrepreneurship project general attitude: do not refuse, but not high; will go to field visits and explore, but not the focus of investment.


walked two blocks and finally found a restaurant still open. The boss told me that the shop only sold fast food, around the office area, almost no one at night, most of the stores closed early.

but campus bikes are mainly about two problems: bad and stolen.

ice breaking financing dilemma

ofo calls on teachers and students to transfer their bikes to ofo, adding the "ofo sharing bike" in return for the free use of all shared bikes. The ofo team also launched the iconic "little yellow" car – the body color is uniform and painted yellow.

in 1995, in Wuxi High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Wuxi, Singapore Industrial Park on the basis of the establishment of the Wuxi New District, and later has been named the national sensor network innovation demonstration zone, the national innovation park.

ofo shared bike is a student entrepreneurship program on the North campus. Because the main means of transportation within the university campus is a bicycle, but bicycle is facing a car, car and car lost "pain points, so inspired by Uber and Airbnb, ofo share in the North Valley cycling team began testing on September 2015.

"national entrepreneurship, innovation and many people" put forward, all over the country set off an upsurge of entrepreneurship, according to incomplete statistics, in 2015, new domestic business incubator more than 4000. And before 2015, the incubator has been 28 years of development, the number is less than 1600, no wonder people laugh, "this year, the incubator more than entrepreneurs."".

Sina Technology News April 4th evening news, Peking University Student venture project "ofo shared bike" today announced the acquisition of 9 million Pre-A round of financing, investors only hunting capital and Tomo Hiromichi.

innovation and entrepreneurship is the only way in the next 5~10 years, although now can not see profitability, but if you do not intervene now, it is tantamount to give up the next few decades of opportunities for development. National entrepreneurship has become the "twenty-first Century Daliangangtie", Zhou Ranbian cold accelerated the bursting of the Internet bubble of venture capital market, the incubator "library" in Shenzhen has become the first to fall the incubator. This also makes people realize that a free office space, a number of impressive entrepreneurial courses, entrepreneurs have no appeal. Especially in the cheap second tier cities, entrepreneurs can easily rent to a good office space.

ofo told Sina Technology, because the relative concentration of colleges and universities in Beijing, the general 2-3 near the University, there will be 1-2 full-time repair master. User interface with the car repair function, when the students found that there is a problem with the vehicle, you can in accordance with the license plate number of specific problems to repair, such as car chains, pedals off, tires no gas, and so on. The mechanic will also carry out inspection, maintenance and inventory on the bike sharing in and around school every day, scattered in schools around the school and returned to the vehicle code on the demand for cars is relatively concentrated area, maintenance of vehicle repair and fault detected.

because the campus environment is relatively closed, and unlike urban public bicycles, ofo share bicycles, there is no fixed pick up points, all vehicles within the specified campus free flow. The ofo team of entrepreneurial intention and solve target is: let the students have cycled whenever and wherever possible.


Wuxi New District streets deserted, it is now the best portrayal of the second tier cities entrepreneurial atmosphere.

is not coincidentally, I just caught the Wuxi coldest days, braving the cold wind walk in the District of Wuxi street, rarely see people and vehicles, can see the crowd together by twos and threes go to the cafeteria to eat only at noon, Beijing and Zhongguancun Venture Street rentouzandong contrast.

is the typical scene of students to the library from the dormitory, from the dormitory before the bicycle use right through the mobile phone, and payment can arrive at the destination, each use cost about a few cents, can also be used for a long time, the cost is not high, compared to a private bike, don’t worry is lost, with the two time borrow, with the stop over.

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