Small day failure of the venture for 5 months fresh electricity supplier O2O is a pseudo propositio

July 2013, the original barbecue and fruit cool story to me, I feel tempted heart surging, O2O era has arrived, fresh electricity providers have a brilliant future.

mode of marketing, products, customers, operating costs, investment risk and profit analysis, the future development prospects, my partner and I choose at the end of August 2013 we started our business trip.


see in many fresh is difficult, I think I can do not to regard it as right, a small but beautiful fresh.

in the face of numerous fresh precarious, difficult, investors are not optimistic about the prospects of the situation, whether the fresh electricity supplier O2O is really just a false proposition? The author is a 90 entrepreneurs, from the beginning of small and beautiful fresh confidence, to more than 5 months after the personal practice finally announced the failure, he encountered difficulties and setbacks? What is the feeling and experience to share with I to see the horse?.

highlights key details of Taobao’s website making money:

the choice of fresh products, because there is no better supply channels, I did not choose seafood, vegetables, but chose the fruit, ordinary fruit. According to my experience of selling small fruit partners, the gross profit margin of fruits can be about 60%, and the gross profit margin of 100% is also more normal. Just right, in our starting point is not far away, there is a fruit wholesale market, purchase channels also have.

3, add the sharing function to the content page of the web site,


is my personal analysis: fresh electricity supplier of the biggest cost is the cost of logistics, the logistics cost is the cost of manpower, if there is no stable order, single volume coverage area, the higher price, it is difficult to digest the cost.

since the Internet thinking to do fresh, personal feel that the most important role of the Internet is marketing, so we built a micro-blog, WeChat, but also cast money to shoot a promotional video. Internet marketing audience is not uncle aunt, is the young 80, 90. The most concentrated place for the group is inside the University campus. College students, almost everyone has micro-blog, all use WeChat, especially for the Internet marketing. In college, many girls like eating fruit very much. They consume almost every day. And a dormitory 4-6 people, dense dormitory area is the unit area of high order rate, and popular campus part-time, recruit some college students, can reduce labor costs.

Again consider the

shortly before the Qingdao SEO share with you dry cargo on several key details of the "breakdown" of Taobao money off of a text, this article mainly from the selection of products, product promotion perspective, this period also summarizes several key details of Taobao money off, I will do a good website user experience from how to talk to everyone share, is a supplement to the right, look at me and say whether there is truth, maybe your Taobao is off the low conversion rate, because ignore these very small details.

‘s website at the top right hand corner are set to "set home" "with" button for "set home" I feel no need to, but not essential, "collection" must have, and now many Amoy single product sites are personal development or modification to the many source do not normal, which through the search to our website users often computer knowledge is weak, some people may not know how to collect this website, only by adding a collection of "online youshangfang" to save the site, so the "collection" is to do some new people, the author "collection" is in bold letter, very eye-catching, as long as the mouse slipped here will pop up at the tips.


here is target=" _blank" this code. Why emphasize here that this "other pop-up window"? I found that if there is no link to your target=" _blank" the other pop-up window but directly into the Taobao browser, if the user clicks the "back" button, one click, even two clicks are back home, do not believe you can do test. So it’s easy to lose users. I think it’s a particular detail that needs to be paid attention to, but it’s often overlooked.

site selection, rent house, buy equipment, select software, establish order processing and finance system, standardize operation process, recruit part time, train staff and formulate distribution plan. I’m sure how big the heart is and how big the stage is. The public.

is now the hottest time, add this function is to make a website with a tight trend, allowing users to feel fresh and change the website; two is sharing a certain degree can indeed bring some effective users, if an article is beneficial to the user, so the user can share their own space or micro-blog and if the blogger.

2, external links must be "pop-up window"

ran quickly and became a scar I would never have uncovered.

1, the site prominently, to have "add favorites" button

020, fresh electricity supplier, 90 after entrepreneurship, vivid labels but can not conceal my inner sadness.

is a successful web site must be a user experience good site, and most search engines and web users love, so, as long as we can make the user experience really good, so naturally good website ranking, website profit will continue steady rise.

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