Resurgence from Baidu home station to daily income 4 experience sharing

Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, here I wish you all busy webmaster friends, Happy Mid Autumn Festival. Before my station is really Baidu to K completely, and left a home page, also wrote an article before, how to let me stand again included

( Aid=94111), in fact, I do not know whether this is really useful, because instead of something, Baidu has also been updated only home, not included in the content of my website page

, 07, 16, this period of time really makes me very upset, had a good station, always want to do, and I hope to sell clothes later. K did not expect only a home, no way can do hard in

insisted on, although the Baidu K only home but also some search pictures of the flow over, is also good for more than 100 IP every day, this has probably lasted more than half a month, I found myself standing site included more than one, we certainly want to

is not less than WWW at the beginning of the domain name, I also don’t understand, had to do the station when I put no WWW at the beginning of the domain name directly with WWW above 301 jump to the beginning, but Baidu was included in this article, it is really no way, after all,

Baidu K into the home, simply go to dangerous step without WWW at the beginning of the domain name is directly tied to the website, so it can directly access, but this time has been a good content, increase the content of a piece of content, the content of each is selected through. Baidu and Baidu search volume index, analysis of popular word to come do content, topic. Slowly Baidu began to include pages, this time included pages or no WWW at the beginning of the domain name. Do some of the popular word at the end of August to see the effect. There are several popular word ranking is very good, every day has brought me around 200 IP, although only 109 articles included IP every day from the original 100 to the present day 1000IP, because the user access to the PV website content is still relatively high, 6000pv put GG ads every day, too easy to 4$per day, in order to make the site continues to develop, is currently working with other people, to let the other website management, to earn money on GG,

concludes: "if you want to make money, you have to love her.".

does not necessarily help you do what, because the station or the old idea, the key lies in the heart you can do, the recent development of website advertising in the hope of a better, we do not completely according to my site to advertise oh.

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