On the development of personal websites from the perspective of oldcp growth

The earliest prototype of


at the end of 2004, a friend of my cousin, want to do a second-hand computer website, because I was in school before the web design, have done the business website, there was also done a regional business network, so it will be the task of cousin to me, let me finish the domain name! We use www.szoldpc.com (cousin is a friend to register) did not seem to give money, space is our money to buy, when to make money this is also not what concept, just want to be able to make a satisfactory


production after a period of time, Shenzhen second-hand computer network launched in 2005 officially launched the new year’s day, test no problem, immediately contact the cousin friend, was told that he has no plans to do this, it is not the website! It sounds very depressed, but there is no way! (henceforth, to the customer do I have to deposit, ^-^^-^) since I have my own web site, let the emerge of itself and perish of itself I have not graduated! At that time, when this website is an internship in Shenzhen after the Spring Festival, and to continue to learn! For a long time did not see how this website, when one day occasionally read about browsing statistics, IP day three hundred or four hundred! During this period, I have another business network, business network at the time of the input energy is far more than the second-hand computer network, But one day IP was less than one hundred (explain, I do is a small area of the business network, the network coverage is itself very low)! Then I saw the second-hand computer network prospects! Basically input business net energy transferred to second-hand computer online! So carefully to improve the management, IP gradually rose to about one thousand from four hundred and ten days of


domain name storm

July 2005, school has been officially completed, with a great passion once again came to Shenzhen, due to the rapid development of the site, there have been some businesses actively looking for me to do the advertisement, the advertisement cost is very low, a maximum of only eight hundred dollars! In six months time, a dozen advertising all the rental was finished! Very excited, because the site is mainly because of interest, did not want to make money! In this period also met many webmaster friends, long after the exchange of a lot of experience, ownership of one of the most important things during this period is the domain name


when applying for the domain name registrar, for certain interests, will be the owner of the domain name as their company (referred to as the time for these do not understand, so the registration time, we did not care, according to the normal situation, when you register a domain name registration, the business will take the initiative to remind you of ownership, ownership) do platform domain is a part of the value of the site, no ownership of the domain name, even if successful, still others! So we negotiate with the company, its owner will agree to our name! In order to cooperate with the Registrar, the company according to the certificate and copy of business license and submitted to be a copy of the ID >

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