80 porn webmaster was caught reflection

in A5 yesterday to see "after 80 college students do porn was arrested may be the jailed for 10 years, my heart could not help shuddering, once I also like this porn station," porn station ", to attract traffic by pornography, my station also put a lot of obscene pictures (here that points the way, what is called pornographic pictures? People’s Republic of China criminal genital Exposure pictures called pornographic pictures, this is I from our city supervisor battalion learned the long), if not that happened the webmaster can end today is my ending. Let’s go into details about what happened.

first briefly introduce myself do stand experience, I was 08 years from September started, my occupation is a software development engineer (hey, there are some self improvement means, it is a programmer), then work free, so it is you want to do a website. SEO, did not know before this thing, do not know what website optimization, search engine keyword ranking these results could only, the first station for more than 2 months is not a little improvement, poor little flow, so will give up. I believe many webmaster friends choose to do pornography station, because the flow to fast, click rate is high, and I am no exception, also is the value of these two points, so also began to choose to do pornography edge site. Do stand in the process of gradually learned SEO, A5 love to see other webmasters writing experience, experience, I also know that it is very important to choose the keywords to do stand, I began to use Baidu keyword to determine the index and Search Ranking, then determine the key words to the young woman station, the word although not a woman is popular keywords, Baidu attention index is about 5000, and the competition is relatively small, so I chose the word.

website was built quickly, the main keyword is "young woman", a beautiful website, picture station type. Remember the Baidu station soon included, after about 4 weeks the site keywords ranking began to rise, at first I upload pictures are some of the more traditional, beautiful pictures, the exposure is also a bit like three swimsuit. Slowly, I found this kind of picture is not very attractive, the website’s PV is very low, only about 1:3 or so, PV is low, the advertising rate of all websites is very low, almost no income. I began to upload the leak pictures, is called the network monitoring unit of pornographic pictures that this move really get great results, the website put ads and click on the CPS advertising revenue will also be a big step up, his heart is also very happy. May be due to the site every day to update a lot of content and do a lot of outreach, the site’s ranking is rising every day, finally after a big update Baidu, I checked my keywords ranking in Baidu keyword, this woman I rankings to Baidu for the first position, and the young woman related keywords for example the young woman pictures, sexy young woman words on my website ranking in the top 3, the website traffic also.

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