Personal experience tells the novice to do the attention of the station

A5 friends Hello, I am a pure novice, from the beginning of April to do so in the whole station, April, the website will change many, excluding, was officially launched in early May. In this month’s time, I was a lot of emotion, but also deeply appreciate the "elders suffer in the eyes," the meaning of this sentence, I come up with some do stand experience today, to share with you, if there is insufficient, also hope you master the exhibitions. I do stand on the "computer knowledge" as the key words, just on the line, the name of the web site is "computer school", later put keywords don’t feel something wrong inside, then changed to "computer knowledge Park", with "|" behind the separation, with four or five auxiliary keywords not to hate, all the words are put in the title. An article after seems to be at A5, said this approach is wrong, that title as far as possible and concise, and minimize the use of punctuation, it will have some positive significance to the weight of the website, so I was changed to the present form of "computer knowledge Park – computer knowledge park".

before changing the name, I actually know that it may bring about the consequences, but think of their station just on-line, was down the right point does not matter, so bold changed two times. As expected, these two changes on the site’s ranking is still very large, from the line just on page more than 40, was easily raised to twentieth pages, after such a change, immediately returned to understand before release. Last night after the Baidu update, I stand and have some changes, the main keywords ranking rose nearly 50, to the thirty-third page, the auxiliary keyword "computer learning" up to the Baidu page fifth, natural ranking forty-second, make me very happy.

The keywords

computer knowledge can fluctuate so large, and the ranking is not good, so the phenomenon is also the main reason for himself, had two times to change the title, the weight is lower, want it back or further enhance the need for a period of time to rest. The website is on the line for a month, and here is a little bit of a feeling of self, to share with you:

one, frequently change website title. Two changes in the title of the website, so that every day his careful care into the water. Once again realize the importance of a website title to a website, think it over before you do it, and you’d better not change it.

two doesn’t make full use of blogs and forums. Tried to deliver a high quality articles in the blog, then your website at the end of this article, note the link can not only guide the spider to climb up my station, but also bring a lot of IP, the effect is good; also tried to each big forum post, if not what you want to send it. Of course, the premise is the thread, the thread behind the content with their website information. In order to allow their domain name easily be remembered, but also played a "is the master" slogan. These two methods are all good results, for two weeks, anti chain added to 689, but the intensity is not enough.

three, >

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