Are you ready for the 10 job of the station

do stand, do station, more and more people began to flow into the industry to do the station, I from my 3 years of experience in the station to share some experience for you, perhaps some content is already commonplace. But, if you haven’t seen it, then you have to be careful, because these are the basic things to do. I like to start with basic work and do it firmly. There’s so little talk. Let’s get to the point right now:

wants to make a website, so 10 of the things you should prepare:

begins with the start of a web site:

1, are you ready to give your website for the record? Do you want to make a station, you should know the website is need to record, the record of the time is relatively long, you have to wait patiently, but if you know some skills, will let you enjoy a month to use period. That is until the record and then go buy the space, this space can get general space service for 13 months.

2, you are ready to choose what kind of domain name suffix, often asked me if I can register.Cc/.info domain name, I said yes, but I do not recommend. We all know that the mainstream domain name is.Com/.cn/.net. These domain names have been recognized and trusted by all, so if you register another type of domain name, you can imagine it is very difficult to do big.

3, are you ready to choose what kind of domain name? Here is a combination of skill, the domain name itself, you want what combination of their own domains, there are several main ways: either the Pinyin or Pinyin plus numbers, or the first letter, or is English…… There is no way to say the best, but from my experience, the shorter the easier to remember, and can be associated with their own web site domain name is the best.

4, you are ready to use what website database? Use website database directly restricts the development of your website traffic, if you are targeting a million IP website, then you also use the access database, then you just wait for the tragedy of the website. This is my personal experience, I have done before an industry station, is the beginning of using access database, and then a big flow, the site paralyzed, and later I changed to SQL site to return to normal.

The domain name registration time and space

5, you remember site? Site domain name and space is the need to renew, and some companies will promptly inform you, if you don’t remember the time, there was probably a renewal period, the website domain name was registered. I’ve seen this tragedy too, and quite a few.

6, you choose a reliable website space providers not in IDC products, I personally feel that the price is proportional to the quality, must choose good reputation, reliable space providers. If something goes wrong, no one answers the phone

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