How to develop personal websites personal opinion

first statement, I am a personal webmaster, I learn to do web site is less than half a year, and really began to do their own website, from 2 months ago.

, I experienced a lot of failures and setbacks, until now, my station is still in the right to drop Baidu, here, I only my personal point of view to describe my personal website development line. Perhaps the old qualifications have been successful webmaster disdain, or even out of criticism, I am very welcome, I am also learning progress.

public week, at present our Internet industry has entered a mature stage, suddenly appeared N many personal website webmaster, accordingly, competition has become very big. Take the movie station that I do, say, as I do, there are hundreds of thousands of webmaster in the movie website, most of them adopt the way of collecting resources. Only a small part of them use their local resources. This has brought great distress, famous website program had a few, the monotony of the template, the monotony of the path, the monotony of the resource description, in the search engine on the repeatability is too high, but the search engine is more oriented to the user experience, so it is preferred row inferior result is: a small. Some owners earn the bulk, of course they are doing a number of people relatively early, while the rest of the leftovers are facing many thousands of webmaster contention, so there is a lot of people complain: who said this station can make money, Lao Tzu with XXX.

There are

people in order to make money, on the "wrong", do a lot of garbage, put N advertising, or a little traffic would not clean things onto the malicious script virus and the like, which I think is the legendary "trash", I would like to also give their existence our living space has caused the pollution. The above is my simple analysis about some basic situation of personal webmaster field now, just to explain a problem: the Internet this fat not everyone can eat, eat the meat requires a unique vision, unremittingly spirit, is the heart of defeat.

said that our personal webmaster is Baidu, GG and other search engines of the parents, in fact, Baidu has so many parents, just K off a part of him, and not what effect is it? So we can not put all their hopes in the search engine on the body, there is a saying: do your station, let Baidu to K! In fact, not everyone can say this sentence before, say that you have to weigh, you have the qualification.

, let me tell you what I think: how can we develop without relying on search engines?. Search engine has become the majority of webmaster attention topic, online can be seen everywhere, "my station was K, was down right, flow is not, how to do?"!". Yesterday I saw an article very touching, is roughly said: you make a personal website, first of all you have to do for you if you are interested in the content, but rarely do this station to visit the station on the content of the above, it is not far from failure. Yes, since we are personal webmaster, >

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