From A B station and face Meng see after 90 thinking of the rise

text / water elder brother

when the industry is immersed in the Internet of thinking in the noisy, another voice is gradually surfaced, the author temporarily called it "after 90" thinking".

with the adorable face overnight, the industry paid more attention to the 90 business groups, news media, scholars and experts have begun digging secret behind after 90 groups, trying to find a common ground on them or similar universal value of things. In fact, the industry long before the 90 groups are concerned, but was the only group to be treated as ordinary consumers, or even simply be classified as similar and 80. Until now, they found that the problem is not simple.

what is "post-90s thinking", the author so far has not found the exact definition. Here, "90" is a generalization of the concept, not only refers to the people born in 90s, but only 90 percent of the crowd accounted for the majority.

growth in the city most of the 90 people keen on animation, game based ACG circle, they are also members of the otaku. Some might say that the house and the ACG circle are just niche cultures, not weather. The author believes that the house culture is the core content of 90 thinking, is to open a key key to China’s Internet blue ocean, these people are not aware of the timeliness of culture, the author below illustrates.

house the Department of culture in China before and after the last century in 90s, long-standing, as an exotic 11 District, home to the Department of culture to take root in the country, followed by a group of aspiring young people trying to exotic materials (animation, games) transformation, the two creation, and try to find the ACG culture is suitable for its own development. For a while, anime subtitle groups, game groups, various ACG forums and community websites have sprung up on the Chinese internet. The outcome is painful and the survival rate is almost zero. There are three reasons: policy is not supported; public recognition is low; lack of income source is difficult to maintain.

it is worth noting that the subtitle group, Chinese group, various forums website operators, most of them scattered with labor, sharing, exchange, non profit principle, this mode of operation with the United States in 80s of the open source community collaboration of different approaches but equally satisfactory results. Also a group of aspiring young people with common interests and purposes, the same decentralized labor exchange and sharing spirit, the outcome is also strikingly similar: there is no legal protection (later directly led to the declaration of GNU); the lack of sources of income; it is difficult to fight the big company such as Microsoft competition.

materialist dialectics tells us that things are not immutable. After 2000, the rise of Google and the revival of the open source community are the best examples. Today’s open source software not only shines in the mobile Internet era, and has greatly penetrated the traditional desktop field, to replace the Microsoft trend.

looking back, the domestic ACG represented by the Department of culture, in recent years, relying on the Internet two times, the rise of mobile Internet has been widely disseminated, an important example

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