Disadvantages of using mass software

believe that many webmaster have used mass software, whether it is charge or free. Software is a kind of automatic release to tens of thousands of websites on the software information, such as the area of industry website, portal, blog forum and message board website software, increase the reverse link spam, it is easy to search spam links, that is cheating, thus causing the site to search engine drop right following, group of software defects.

1 mass chain reaction. When the garbage information sent to some search engine that cheating sites, including your website information is also a joint responsibility, you also will be search engine that is cheating, along with the search engine, will be serious when the K station.

2 mass causes search engines annoying. The search engine to deliberately create a large number of links pointing to a web site also included in the category of cheating, Baidu can automatically filter many suspicious links, the relevant content, not sent to the same site, for example, you are selling space, the space to sell drinks on the table do not sell, but no one will buy it. Inappropriate, you also get the information out of order to the website, irrelevant, search engines also dislike such behavior as cheating.

3 mass information basically can not pass the examination. When the first mass software to many B2B sites, local portal site, some sites without audit can be successful, but after the release for you for a long time, their management information will be removed, they also for their better development site, no relevant information as to delete. Secondly, now most large sites will be released through the audit to many areas, only for the website service area, the field of information charge can be approved, but there is always a lot of people use garbage mass software, put out of order ads posted to the site, after all be deleted without any effect.

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